Friday, February 08, 2008

2008 Election Info for Natchez

Natchez is about to have an election that will determine the direction of our City for the next four years. I hope you will not only vote, but take time to learn about the candidates. Mixed in with that are our Party Primaries for President and Congress. Finally, we will have a General Election in November to vote for a new President, a new US Senator, and a new US Representative; and our only incumbent, Senator Cochran, is up for reelection.

Here are some key dates to remember:
  • February 9 (tomorrow) at noon is the final day to register for the City elections, as well as the National Primary Election.
  • March 7 is the filing deadline for candidates for City office. That's when we'll know for sure who's running.
  • March 11 is the national Primary Election. In Mississippi, we do not register by party, so everyone can choose whether to vote in the Democratic or the Republican Primary. Since the Republican nominee for President is going to be McCain, you might think everyone would vote in the Democratic Primary, where for the first time in a long time, Mississippi's votes will actually matter. However, we have a hotly contested Republican Primary for Congress, so I imagine many will vote in the Republican Primary.
  • May 6 is the day many of us have been waiting for - the Primary Election for Mayor, Alderpersons, and other City offices.
  • May 20 is the City Runoff Election, if we need one.
  • June 3 is the City General Election.
  • November 4 is the National General Election

When voting in City Elections, you need to know what Ward you live in and vote in. I have drawn a map which I hope will help you. (NOTE: You can zoom in on this map if you need to.)

For City Elections, You may not vote in the same place you normally do. Here is a list of voting places for each Ward.

  1. Council Chambers, South Pearl Street
  2. Frazier Primary School, G F West Boulevard
  3. Elks Lodge #553, Lower Woodville Road
  4. United Rubber Workers Union Hall Local 303, Gayosa Avenue
  5. National Guard Armory, Liberty Road
  6. Duncan Park Canteen

As you might imagine, I'll have more to say about these elections in the future, and I'm sure you'll have comments.

PS I've added a link to this article in the column to the right under Links, in case you want to refer back to it.


Anonymous said...

Vote Tony Fields for Alderman!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Tony Fields will be great. He's made a wonderful contribution to this community, people know him, and he'll stand against the pressure to do what is right on that board.

Steve Rankin said...

"... our only incumbent, Senator Cochran..."

I could have sworn that Senator Roger Wicker was an incumbent!

Free Citizen