Friday, September 08, 2006

Questions about Hotel

natchezblues said...
I read in the paper that the city will issue bonds to the persons/co. building the new hotel downtown. Then this co. will buy back the bonds, I believe. I guess this made the deal more appealing, but WHY? Why aren't they paying property taxes? We must stop giving our city away and instead appreciate its value and act accordingly. I know others were interested in buidling a hotel on this site, why couldn't taxes have been a barganing tool in choosing the right prospect.

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Casey Ann said...

It is my understanding that the City had been trying unsuccessfuly for years to get someone to build a hotel adjacent to the convention center - and that it would only happen if the city offered tax incentives. There were others interested in the hotel, but I've been told that all offers involved tax incentives. If anyone knows differently, please post a comment.