Sunday, November 19, 2006

Riverfront Development

Did you know that Natchez has a document on its website about Riverfront Development? You can find it here. It's not very impressive, but at least it's there. By the way, at the end you will see it gives David Gardner as the contact person. I think this explains why he brought the proposal to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

How would you like to see this sitting at the foot of Roth Hill?

This is one of the casinos in Tunica MS, which is the third largest gambling site in the county after Vegas and Atlantic City. Check here to see the other casinos in Tunica - and prepare yourself for the coming of big time tacky and sleaze to Natchez. (I guess good taste is not a requirement for public office.)

If you read the article in the Democrat, you know that three companies bid on the development of the Roth Hill property: Northbridge Capital from Edwardsville IL, Lane Company of Atlanta, and the Natchez Riverfront Development Group - not that this tells you anything. Lane Company develops condos and apartments - no history of casinos. Nowadays, most casinos are operated by one of the big companies out of Vegas. My guess is that these three either have an agreement with one of those companies or plan to partner with them. My concern is that these companies do not like to go where there is only one or two casinos. Why would they come here? Do they think we're going to grow into a casino community?

If this goes through, Natchez will be, for all intents and purposes, destroyed.


Black Jack said...

Laughing. That's what they said when the Lady Luck was coming in the early 90's. But Natchez is still here. Casinos are generally great employers and have a lot of jobs available.

Been There said...

Hey, Blackjack. My guess is the proposed casino will just be another place for pathetic losers to hang out, get drunk on the free drinks, and go broke. The Isle is a good example of that. Monte Carlo, Las Vegas type "high rollers" are certainly not to be found there. And are all these sophisticated gamers you suggest will be attracted by the new casino supposed to want to stay at a Country Inn and Suites? And where are they going to park. I should think Natchez would be putting on its thinking cap to find out where and how to build a downtown parking garage. They can be made to look attractive. But, of course, if our riverfront is going to look like Tunica, who cares what anything else looks like. Wow, do we need a city planner quick.

hootenrosie said...

I was on a jury for two guys who had come from Jackson to gamble, lost ALL their money, and were caught burglarizing the tobacco store on 61N to get gas money to get home.

I suspect we'll get more of those kind of rollers than "High" ones.