Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rinaldi Brouhaha

Well, Rinaldi has certainly stirred up a hornet's nest. The latest issue of his free publication, the Miss Lou Magazine, contained an inflammatory blurb on the front page under Local News. I can't give you a link, because it is not included on his online version. I am not going to quote it - you'll have to look for yourself. Let me summarize by saying that it is a homophobic attempt to smear someone.

Several people wrote Rinaldi expressing their outrage. However, the brouhaha was really started by someone who calls himself John Natchez, a gay business owner. He sent an email to Rinaldi and sent copies to all Rinaldi's advertisers, as well as lots of other people. This email has been flying around Natchez. I will quote part of his email.

As the gay community in the Miss-Lou continues to grow and prosper, this sort of statement by a paper is both ignorant and disrespectful. From this point forward, I will encourage my friends and contacts to disregard the Miss-Lou Magazine, and inform them to boycott its advertisers as they are being published in an anti-gay magazine.

Here is the list of advertisers in his letter. I can barely wait to see who's still advertising in the next issue. Be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom.

  • Audubon Gallery
  • Bernie Pyron's
  • Bowie Outfitters
  • Century 21 River Cities
  • Cook Lawn & Tractor
  • Davidson's Wine
  • Dunleith Plantation
  • Great River Chevrolet
  • Kentwood Springs
  • Lasyone Furniture
  • LCR Plumbing Warehouse
  • Marketplace Cafe'
  • Natchez Heating & Cooling
  • Natchez Telephone
  • Old South Federal Credit Union
  • The Markets
  • United Mississippi Bank
  • Weeks Wholesale Furniture


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a guy whose paper contains articles by one right-wing kook after another, i.e. Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and a host of other Republican hacks? I wonder what will come of this? Will the advertisers pull their ads? Let's face it, Rinaldo isn't going to offend too many people in this bigot infested hick town. What is Grennell's reaction to this. He must be pissed.

Anonymous said...

I'm no anti gay but for grenall to arrange for the sups stay in a swank gay hotel is absurd. He sets a very weak example as a leader of the county anyway. Rinaldis paper is a shit-rag. Does it really suprise you that he would say that? And the advertisers do not endorse Rinaldi's views just because they advertise in the paper, that is a lame assumption.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the list of
advertisers. I plan on making it a point to give them my business.
John Natchez is a mean spirited and angry soul.

DietLysol said...

I love the word "brouhaha."

I wonder how many homosexuals live in Natchez. Anyone have a guess?

Anonymous said...

"John Natchez" is a mean spirited and angry soul? My earlier point about this being a "bigot infested hick town" is being proven post by post.

Anonymous said...

Supervisor Grinell did not make the decision for this hotel. According to NACO (National Association of County Officials), this hotel was added to the list of hotels approximately two weeks prior to the conference. Those persons who may have chosen a hotel that was listed on the conference brochure were forwarded to this hotel because there was no availability at the other hotels.

I think that Mr. Rinaldi has crossed the line several times in the past with his reporting tactics. This is not a matter of whether or not Mr. Grinnel is gay, this should be a question of defamation of character, slander or libel. As a newspaper, the Miss-Lou Guide / Natchez Sun has to report the truth. If this is not the truth then Mr. Grinnell should suit the hell out of Mr. Rinaldi!!!!

MY OPINION - Mr. Rinaldi is not the most masculine man in Natchez himself.....

Anonymous said...

For a long while I threw that paper in the trash and then about a year ago I started reading it. I thought there was some good information in it. Not any more, though; it's back into the trash. And yes, I will do my best to abstain from supporting that list of advertisers. Mr. Rinalid's crediblity just flew out the window with that senseless and unnecessary dribble of details which are none of our business. Use of public funds, yes. But I can no longer trust Rinaldi's judgement regarding the ethics of reporting so I don't believe a word of what he's had to say about what could have been a valid issue. Furthermore, it is our good fortune to have a number of gay citizens living here who make wonderful contributions to every segment of Natchez life. I'm embarrassed that Rinaldi might have made life uncomfortable for these fine people and especially Mr. Grennell and his lovely family. My message to those people: Please overlook this and consider the source.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, off we go to another boycott. And all due to someone reporting the TRUTH!

Would you feel better if he had booked rooms into a joint that was a front for the KKK?

Or how about un- married mothers?

Get a grip- if it is a fact, it is just that- a fact. If they booked it and stayed there, then it is true.

And as far as the gay population in Natchez is concerned , consider this..... Natchez is like a big bowl of granola- if it ain't crumbs and flakes, then it's fruits and nuts.

Seems to me the gayer you are in Natchez, the more the society crowd embraces you.

Truth is truth, and therefore cannot be a lie. If he booked it and they stayed there, then it is the truth. And if you want to read into it that Grenell is being called gay, then that is your take on it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:18 is a typical redneck - he can't read. Several people have pointed out that he did NOT book it. The article was a smear, pure and simple. Unless you're homophobic like Rinaldi, you should be able to see this.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Grennell does not suit Peter Rinaldi for this "bullxxxx" he is only giving credence to wh at was printed. There comes a time when you have to stand up. Grennell should be a man and stand up to this crap.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:44- you are a very angry individual with a chip on your shoulder. I attacked noone, yet I am labeled a "typical redneck".

What are your qualifications to label ME- and are you , by your words, guilty of labeling someone just as you accuse Mr. Rinaldi of doing?

I applaud Rinaldi for printing the material that he does, and I read it whenever it comes out. ( Yes, some " typical rednecks" can read).

If you don't like the exchange of ideas and free speech, go live in Moscow, where, incidentally, they have no " typical rednecks".

However, I don't think they will be as tolerant of your voicing your views or opinions as " typical rednecks" are.

Peace to you from a "typical redneck" who is trying to be tolerant of your anger and ignorance.

Anonymous above average "typical redneck"

Anonymous said...

Thank you Los Dios. Others actually realize we have a bigot-infested hick-town? Kewl. I get trashed for hiring minorities when I get tired of paying meth-tax to my whites. Someone please explain how a gay friendly hotel is evil and/or news-worthy? This is back-water Natchez at its best.

It's the 21st Century people. Want jobs? Quit supporting the dumb red-neck mentality. I'm pulling my money out of here. Let's hope our other out of state investors don't follow.

Bottom line: we need to act progressively and accepting of all if we are going to attract investment in our community.