Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Be Careful When You Vote for Sheriff - Part II

Well, I’ve definitely stirred a hornet’s nest. Have you read the comments to Part I? Ronny Brown must be running scared – his supporters have accused Charles Woods of everything except sleeping with this sister. Maybe that’s coming next.

So many of the comments have to do with Tommy Ferrell that you might think he was running for Sheriff. Tommy Ferrell is the former Sheriff, who was defeated by Ronny Brown in the last election. I haven’t asked Tommy if he is supporting Charles Woods, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he is – since he knows first hand how Ronny runs his elections. However, I can tell you for sure that he is not involved in the Charles Woods campaign. This election is between Charles Woods and Ronny Brown and has nothing to do with Tommy Ferrell.

Last week, I told you why I could never support Ronny Brown for Sheriff. Now, let me tell you why I like Charles Woods. When he graduated from the Natchez Adams County Public Schools, he signed up to defend his country – which was not an fun thing to do in those days. They say the Army is a good training experience for youngsters, and in this case, that turned out to be true. Charles served as a policeman in the Army and fell in love with law enforcement - and he’s been doing it ever since. When he was discharged from the Army, he went to work for the New Orleans Sheriff’s Department. He then moved to California, where he worked for Lockheed and a local police department. All along, he continued his training in law enforcement.

As so many Natchezians do, he came home in 1993 and joined the Natchez Police Department. He started as a patrol officer, which he still does when he is needed. He went on to become the Crime Prevention Officer and Public Relations Officer. He has coordinated the Miss Lou Crimestoppers and the Citizens Police Academy. In addition, he worked with TRIAD, a senior citizens support organization, and coordinated over 30 neighborhood watch groups.

As you can see, Charles Woods has plenty of experience in real law enforcement, which has taught him several important lessons. One is that you have to enforce the law fairly and equitably, but with compassion and respect for all. He’s learned the importance of preventing crime before it occurs. He knows that working with the citizens on a daily basis is key to effective law enforcement. He also knows that he is only as good as his employees, and he will have only professional, trained officers. Finally, he’s well aware that he is funded through taxpayers’ hard earned money, and he will spend it frugally and well.

If you want a Sheriff that knows how to use his brain and not just his brawn, if you want a truly professional and experienced Sheriff, if you want a Sheriff with a heart, if you want a fair Sheriff that will serve all the citizens of the county, and if you want a Sheriff who will watch how he spends your money, then you should vote for Charles Woods.

UPDATE: Did you see this article in the Natchez Democrat?
Local biofuel developer John Rivera is being sued for fraud, and the Adams County Sheriff’s Office is having trouble presenting him with papers.
If you look at Ronny Brown's Campaign Finance Reports, you'll see that John Rivera gave him $5000 and also allegedly paid for that big party on the Bluff. Do you suppose this financial support had anything to do with Brown not being able to find Rivara? Do you suppose he had any trouble finding him to pick up the donation? Hmmm.
“Hopefully, we can get this worked out the first of next week,” Brown said.
Yeah - after the election.


Anonymous said...

hi i work with charles woods why is he still a officer He has never supervised anyone HOw blind are you Casey Get a life

the sheriff race is not your cup of tea I would bet Ronnys campaign doesn't even know about your blog

IF you did you would know Ferrell is supporting and paying for the Woods camp just to try to get the community in a black white war you are so foolish go back to where you came from people like you are why this city doesn't move forward tell your cousin hello signed a natchez policemen

Anonymous said...

Even if I were not a Ronny Brown supporter, I would be at least playing devil's advocate because while I am all for stating opinion, this reads as the most backwoods propaganda that has ever been penned.

He does not help the working officers with calls. He dodges and ducks out of most everything they give him. If he is dispatched to a wreck, he will stand by until someone else comes along. Now, you will defend this by saying his title as public relations makes him able to perhaps sit at a desk with a cup coffee instead of patrolling the streets.

Let me give you a little insight into his Crimestoppers program. Unless there is a crime that is considered 'hot' and unsolved, he doesn't even bother picking up the papers it takes dispatchers thirty minutes to fill out. And people do report drug activity and minor crimes they believe should be reported as advertised.

You mention that we need a sheriff that will be frugal with the budget. How could a man, who cannot even handle is own money and debt, be expected to handle millions of county dollars? How many checks will he have to bounce with YOUR money before you finally realize he has problems with finances of all kinds, business and personal.

Give me some real points to argue and debate and enjoy every second of it, but most of that was just too easy to hit so I would rather miss it. I just wanted to touch on the finer bits of the political propoganda and give you the other side of the evil, disillusioned coin.

Anonymous said...

I only know Ronny Brown from pictures in the newspaper. I have had no personal dealings with the man. I have, however, had dealings with Charles Woods and I would not vote for the man for dogcatcher if he were the only person running.

Anonymous said...

Casey, your ignorance of Adams County politics is really showing up in these last two Sheriff blogs.
Any credibility you had with readers prior to this is pretty well shot.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be something if Ferrell came out with a last minute endorsement for Woods. Wow, that could make for one heck of a close race. Could it be in the cards?

Anonymous said...

I really do nt like to be anonymous, but in this case, only Casey is willing to say who is speaking,so it is hard to know if Wood's is being maligned or if Ronny is. I hope to know before I vote

Anonymous said...

I’m very offended by your use of the term “real” law enforcement that you seem to be so free with. I’ve explained this once, but obviously you aren’t even reading what’s being posted here. By what seems to be your definition of “real” law enforcement, The Highway Patrol and Game Wardens aren’t even law enforcement. Do we have laws in the state that aren’t real laws? Hmm. From what I understand, you think if they aren’t out investigating murders, rapes, burglaries, etc, they aren’t “real” law enforcement. If that’s the case, even the patrol officers on the PD aren’t “real” law enforcement officers. They don’t do that kind of work either. It’s the job of their investigators to do that. Oh wait. You know what that means? Mr. Woods isn’t a “real” law enforcement officer since he’s a “public relations” officer for the PD. Oh dear!

Your ignorance of what “real” law enforcement is makes me doubt anything else you may have to say about anything.

You think the Brown supporters are “running scared” because a few people here have bashed Mr. Woods. You’ve done your fair share of bashing Mr. Brown yourself. Are you “running scared”. I personally haven’t had one bad word to say about Mr. Woods, but if I thought he stood a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this election, I might have a few things to say about him.

John Leek said...

Wow, gruesome, but wow.

You've got some angry commenters, but don't let that get you down. :)

Fight the good fight and realize that without the shield of anonymity many of these fine folks would be shaking in their little boots.


I was once warned by a friend to never get involved in local politics because at that level peoples memories are long and their pettiness deep. It's true.

Keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...

It really would be nice if we could get some comments and suggestions from T. Ferrell as for what we should do and believe.

Anonymous said...


Your facts don't add up.

You lost my respect with this one. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Charles Woods slept with his sister.

Anonymous said...

I almost never agree with the Natchez Democrat editorials but today they got it right. We should continue to support Ronny -

Anonymous said...

I don't personally know Ronny Brown. He looks and acts like the typical Mississippi, southern good-'ol-boy Sherrif...and needs to get in touch with Hollywood. If he's so good at what he does why would he, an incumbent, need to put on that big show on the bluff w/free bb-q and a soul band? But I do know what his personnel do when they gather round their "units" on State St. On several occasions I've observed them launching their units from in front of the Sherrif's Dept. On one occasion they were leisurely laughing, talking about which vehicle they like/don't like. Then they got in their "units" and took off down State St. speeding like lightening...no lights, no siren. Just blasting the hell out of the engines, wasting the gas we pay for. For what? I guess just because they can. And, I've known of one person who, as a pedestrian, was nearly run down by one of them. No lights, no sirens.

Anonymous said...

Dear Casey,you need the facts before you print this garbage--mr. rivera did in fact give a campaign contribution to the SHERIFF. it was $5000.00. it was reported and perfectly legal.Mr. rivera did not contribute ANYTHING to the party on the bluff. That is all he has contributed. PERIOD. as far as his legal problems are concerned they are two separate issues. they tried by private process to serve a CIVIL PROCESS not CRIMINAL TO HIM. They then turned it over to the Sheriffs office. we tried several times to serve him. His attorney "buck" Pintard said we would be able to serve him on friday as he was in new york. When he was detained, he asked his attorney to accept the CIVIL PROCESS for him; which he did Mr. Rivera has been served.anyone can sue anyone for anything, but that does not make the case for the plaintiff. Everyone has a right to defend themselves in a court of law to determine the facts.and in case you might wonder if i know the facts, I do, my name is Charles Harrigill and I work for and will continue to work for our present and future Sheriff, Ronny Brown.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anyone said anything about Charles Woods filing Bankruptcy in Adams County Ms. back in August 2004. You should see the list of businesses that he filed on right here in Natchez Ms. for $185.000 dollars. And you want him to be the next Sheriff of Adams County Ms. This happened right after the last Sheriff's election back in 2004, come on Natchez wake up. Will post more about the bankruptcy later on this evening.

Anonymous said...

yup I think Casey wants to ignore that like allot of other facts.

Anonymous said...

I really think casey has been getting her facts from Chuck Mayfield. I think if she would read the facts for herself, she wouldn't have to depend on Chuck Mayfield and Charles Woods so called extommy ferrell gang bangers calling the shots for her.After tomorrow night they can all climb back into their hole in the ground and stay there for another 4 years. Because Ronny Brown is going to be ELECTED SHERIFF of Adams County Ms for another term. WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE VOTERS OF ADAMS COUNTY FOR RE-ELECTING RONNY BROWN SHERIFF.

Anonymous said...

When Tommy Ferrell placed a Charles Woods sign in his front yard at 1 PecanWay, That should have sent a message to everyone in Natchez, that he doesn't give a DAMN about Natchez Ms. or what happens in this nice little town. He is laughing out loud at everyone now, because after the election he has no reason to stay in Natchez, he is drawing his nice retirement, and can move at anytime. He is just still mad because he lost the election 4 years ago to Ronny Brown. Tommy Ferrell needs to get over it. I wonder who Tommy will get to run against Ronny Brown in 4 years. Maybe he will run again, I dont think so. But I'm sure he will find someone.

Anonymous said...

Hey Casey, how do you like your crow cooked now that you have to eat it.

Papers were served yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Ronny is a good Sheriff however we were VERY lucky to have Tommy F. for a s long as we did. I believe he ran as a republican last time and that probably cost him the office. We would be very fortunate if Tommy could/would serve for us again. There is no one else in this part of the country who is as professional, knowledgeable and as well qualified to be Sheriff as Tommy. You can't dispute that.

Anonymous said...

A few years back, most residents of Adams County will remember when Donnie, the manager of the Piggly Wiggly, was shot during an armed robbery. One of the men convicted was the son of Charles and Pam Woods. How on earth could you support someone you obviously know nothing about!!!!!!!!!!!