Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Blew It Big Time!

I have to say I am truly shocked by the local election results. The two Supervisors races weren't even close. I have to admit that I overestimated the voters of Adams County. This is a sad day, and the results will be devastating.

At least the people who read this blog are smarter - just look at the poll results. Joe Joe and Sammy each got over 70% of the votes. Although only 200 people voted, we've had almost 5000 visits in the past month.

I'm also sad about the results of the statewide elections but not surprised. I know how smart Haley Barbour is. He is orchestrating the Republican takeover of Mississippi, just like he did the Republican takeover of Washington. We saw what happened to our national government after Haley's takeover, and the same thing will happen here. The good news for me is that they will give me lots of stuff to blog about.

In just a few short months, we will have the opportunity to vote in the City Elections. I hope the results are more positive.


rrb1 said...


Yes you did! - I am glad you did too!

Quite frankly Sammy has done almost nothing for Natchez, I don't know Lazarus but it would be hard for him to do less - or worse.

Henry has tried to keep his promise to keep the counties budget in check, and I think he has. It is hard always being in the minority - he may still be - time will tell.

The Rentech project worries me - I have no faith they can pull off the deal - it has all the makings of another beef plant. The bio diesel company that bought the old Ethel Plant has produced more fuel than Rentech ever has. They did that without millions or billions in State money. If Rentech happens they will need about 20 mega barrages a day of coal or coke from oil plants to produce their projected output.

Well done Haley, Phil, Delbert, Mike, Stacey, Tate, Lester,Jim Hood, and Wayne Brown (Fortunately Butch still has Dick Hall to keep him in line!)

steps2 said...

Looking toward the city elections, I wouldn't vote for either of the candidates that I've heard are running. Maybe we can get Joe Joe to run for that position....I would gladly support him!!! As for the Aldermen, Bob Pollard and Ricky Gray show up at everything, seem genuinely interested in their constituents, and listen to what's being said to them. The rest of those guys need to go. And NONE of them need to run for Mayor....if they haven't made a mark as an Alderman, then they'll never do it as mayor. Thats exactly what happened to Sue four years ago....her lack of notable credits as an alderwoman came back to haunt her.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a laugh. When Dick Hall tried to "keep Butch in line" before, Butch moved Dick's office out of the MDOT headquarters to an old beat up construction trailer at Whitfield. That is where Dick resides to this day, and likely for the next four years.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you have such confidence in your poll. You asked "Who will win". Using that criteria I picked Sammy Cauthen.

I certainly didn't want him to win, and woke to a pleasant surprise this morning.

Anonymous said...

OMG rrb1!! You contradict yourself greatly. Are you truly unaware how instrumental Sammy has been with the Rentech deal?

Yeah...you better be worried about the Rentech deal. It's doubtful, but perhaps for once Henry can keep his mouth shut long enough for the board to get this deal through.

Sammy has had a tremendously positive benefit on this community. Plus, he is a man of character and honor. Most importantly, he can sleep at night knowing he didn't have to buy his votes a la beers, barbecues, etc.

Anonymous said...

Also, Lazarus needs the two-month rest he mentioned in the Democrat article. He has lot and lots of special requests and favors to deliver upon now that he's won.

He's going to be a busy man!

rrb1 said...

I know Sammy has worked on the Rentech deal. And he was publicly thanked by a Rentech official in Natchez- who was invited to town by a local Republican just before the election. (Sammy was also the only local politician who was present, but numerous members of the press were there. - I am sure the Rentech person had not been asked to promote Sammy's efforts)
Woody Allen is the driving force, to get Rentech here - I hope that Rentech has the technology it claims, can get the funding it needs, and can actually develop the old IP site.
Rentech has no track record of success or of making a profit - I don't know that they can't but they are far from a sure thing. I know they are our best hope for new industry and I support their efforts. I worry though that the Natchez Democrat, local politicians have overstated Rentech's chances for making this happen.
It would not be the first time much needed good news for an industry coming to Natchez has fizzled soon after an election was over. Rentech has yet to invest any money in Natchez.

Anonymous said...

rrb, I agree with most of your last points. But, I don't think Sammy or anyone else has tried to take the majority of credit for dealings with Rentech. As with anything of this nature, it requires team effort. True, Woody Allen may be the driving force behind this endeavor, but it takes cooperation from many to get it hammered through. Sammy was a KEY ingredient in this.

Let's hope for the best with Rentech. As you say, it is one of the best possibilities Natchez has out there in terms of industry. And now that Sammy's out, you can pretty much put the Kibosh on any thoughts of any industry recruitment happening in the next four years. Darryl may keep plugging away...that is unless Henry keeps whining about travel.

Anonymous said...

STEPS2, who is running for Mayor? Guess I'm in the dark on that one. Didn't know anyone was out there yet declaring their intentions, though might be Phillip West.

Anonymous said...

Lazarus's creditors are the one that put him in office. Now they have a bonafide salary they can garnish.

As for Watts, there must be more "swingers" in this town that I would have guessed.

Anonymous said...

So who is in the mayor's race? The possibilities I hear are West, Middleton, Grennell, Ketchings, Massey, and Butch Brown. What other names are floating around out there?

Anonymous said...

Haven't you all seen the "Jake 08" bumper stickers? I think they started to been seen driving around town after the annual Chamber dinner. I saw one yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Which Ketchings?

I would imagine it would be Andrew.

But hey....I think Kay would have just as good a chance!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 5:16.

On the Lazarus creditors issue.... I know about his pitiful financial background, so the fact that he would have creditors after him doesn't suprise me. What I want to know is, where did he get the almost 40K to spend on the campaign--more than the actual yearly salary. He claims to have paid for most of his campaign out of his own pocket.


Also, I was wondering if anyone was ever going to get into the extracurricular activites of the other supervisor mentioned!!!:-)
Considering that character is so very important in elected officials, it's baffling that this never came up.

Anonymous said...

"Devastating results" is an understatement Casey.

Now that Lazarus, the shrewd businessman (based on his past record)& sleeping volcano is in there with Henry, incapable of making any intelligent decisions, Watts, and Spanky notoriously seconding every idiotic motion made by Watts, Felter.

I hope Darryl Grinnel the only one there with real brains see's the futility of dealing with these three stooges and runs for Mayor.

I would vote for him.