Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy 2008!

Sorry to have been negligent lately with the blog. Contrary to popular opinion, I do have a life - and it's been keeping me busy.

2008 is going to be a year full of elections. Friday was the deadline to file to run for the US House and Senate. US Senators run for office only every six years. Senator Lott ran in 2006 (more on that later) and Senator Cochran is running in 2008. He has two neglible opponents, so my first election prediction for 2008 is that Senator Cochran will win in a landslide.

Members of the US House have to run for election every two years. Our Representative, Chip Pickering, announced a while back that he would not run again. An open seat is a rarity in Mississippi, and it usually produces a whole bunch of candidates - and 2008 is not an exception. There are 10 candidates running - 8 Republicans and 2 Democrats - all white men. Mississippi has never sent a woman to Congress, and it's not going to this time. The Primary Election will be March 11, and I'll be letting you know about these candidates. But prepare yourself, because they'll be campaigning until November -almost eight months between the Primary and General is ridiculous!

Also on March 11, Mississippi will have Primary Elections for US President. Right now, both parties have wide open races, which is exciting. However, it is likely that it will be over by the time we have a chance to express our opinions. I've included a delegate counter on the blog so you can follow the race.

Before we have a chance to catch our breath from the federal primaries, we'll have a city election - which is probably more important to most of us. I sure hope we have some changes in the leadership. I've heard lots of rumors about people running, but nothing is confirmed. But I'll be sure to let you know - and please let me know of any rumors you hear.

As you know, Senator Lott resigned this year, and Governor Barbour has appointed US Representative Roger Wicker to his seat (which I predicted way before he did it). There are two Democrats running against him. The major Democrat running is former Governor Ronnie Musgrove. Now we're going to really be confused with this US Senate race, because Wicker and Musgrove look just alike. If you don't know which is which, Musgrove is on the left and Wicker on the right - of course.
Another interesting thing about this race is that the two men are best friends. They were roommates when they were both in the State Legislature. This could mean that we'll have a positive campaign, free of negative ads and personal attacks. Or it could mean the end of a friendship.

Unfortunately, we have no idea when we'll be voting for this seat. There is disagreement over the law. Republicans say the election should be in November, and Democrats say it should be March. The courts will decide this, and the trial starts next week.

Happy Election Year!


Anonymous said...

Sure is going to be quite an election year.

How do you like the way our "NEW" board of supervisors has kicked off 2008. In the name of saving money we now have TWO (2) "overpaid" board attorneys instead of one.

Henry Watts is a screwball and Spanky Wanky would second suicide if Watts made the motion.

We are advancing to the rear at Mach III.

Keep watching, it CAN get worse.

Anonymous said...

come on casey we need a full blog on the city elction and its concerns police chief, fire chief , taxes and annexation come on folks how can we not get messages out to the public concerning these candidates running for city offices we need changes in the mayor and aldermen to make changes in the police dept and fire dept these men and women working there deserve a change