Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Lowdown on the Election on Tuesday

Tuesday, March 11, is Election Day, when we vote for federal candidates. The whole nation will be watching to see how we vote. For the first time in forever, Mississippi can make a difference. And we're the only game in town Tuesday - no other state has a primary. Dress nicely when you go vote - some national broadcaster might come to interview you.

Here are your choices on the Democratic ballot:

President: The two major Candidates are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but six other candidates who have dropped out are still on the ballot. If you've been reading this blog, then you know that I'm a BIG Hillary supporter.

U S Senator: Shawn O'Hara is a fringe candidate who runs in every election and never comes close, so your only choice is Erik Fleming. (However, I might write in Mike Moore, just for the fun of it.) They're running for the right to oppose Senator Cochran - lots of luck!

U S Representative for the Third Congressional District: Joel Gill did come to Natchez to talk to voters, but I was appalled. His platform was basically that of the far right - and pretty irrelevant to what's going on today. Since he seemed to agree with no Democratic issues, I asked him why he filed as a Democrat. He basically said it gave him a better chance of winning. Great reason! If he wins the primary, we're in trouble. Randy Eads is an impressive young guy. He's not a liberal like I am, but he is definitely a Democrat, with positions that should make most Mississippians comfortable. You can check him out at his website.

These are the choices on the Republican Ballot. I'm not presuming to tell Republicans how to vote.

President: Although John McCain has wrapped up the Republican Nomination, there are still eight other candidates on the ballot, in case you want to register a protest vote.

U S Senator: No one has dared to run against incumbent Thad Cochran.

U S Representative for the Third Congressional District: Since this is an open seat (Chip Pickering has retired) and the District is presumed to be Republican, there is a boat load of people running: James Broadwater, Gregg Harper, Gregory Hatcher, David Landrum, William Marcy, Charlie Ross, and John Rounsaville. I would guess Landrum, Ross, and Rounsaville are the major contenders. You Republicans can pronounce your favorites in the comments. This race will keep most Republicans from crossing over and voting in the Democratic Primary for President.

Here's a link to the list of precincts in Adams County.


There will be a Hillary rally in Natchez tomorrow (Monday, March 10) at 5:30 at the D W Howard Center, 225 Pilgrim Boulevard (formerly Wilson Road). Go out MLK, pass Gayosa, Pilgrim Boulevard is on your right. You’ll see the building on the left. (If you get lost, call my cell 601.870.5000.)

There will be FOBs (Friends of Bill) from Arkansas, representatives from the national campaign, and an awesome nationally renowned gospel singer – Benjamin Combs.

The campaign is still short on signs, although we’re hoping for some tomorrow night. But just in case, bring your own handmade signs.

There’s going to be a dinner afterward for the visiting dignitaries. If you are interested in attending, let me know ASAP.

BTW, I got a phone call tonight from a volunteer urging me to vote for Hillary on Tuesday. Volunteers are busy calling Mississippi from all over the country. How nice to be important!

HILLARY – YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

If you are voting on the Democratic ticket vote Randy Eads for 3rd Congressional District. He is in Natchez today, Tues., drove all the way from Starkville to attend the Hillary rally last night. He is a great guy.