Friday, May 30, 2008

Gwen Ball Is the Obvious Choice in Ward 3

On Tuesday, June 3, the voters in Ward 3 will choose whether to keep the incumbent Bob Pollard or replace him with the challenger Gwen Ball. To me, the choice is obvious.

Bob Pollard's big claim to fame is that he attended all the meetings of the Board of Aldermen. Well, big whoopy doo! So he's like a bump on the log that never moves? I hate to break it to you, Bob, but voters expect you to DO something while you're there. So what has he actually done?
  • Served as Phillip West's lapdog by doing everything he asked.
  • Sat in on those closed door meetings and took his voting orders like a loyal soldier.
  • Sounded like a redneck with his poor grammar while representing the City to outside interests.
  • Allowed an illegal pay raise for Aldermen before considering one for police and firefighters.
  • Smirked while his constituents were ignored and abused at Board meetings.
  • Wined and dined with all the developers and casino operators looking for business in the city.
  • Voted for a corrupt condo deal over a fair one far better for the City.
  • Supported the illegal destruction of City property.

Does this sound like someone we want representing Ward 3 and the City of Natchez? Not to me.

Now, look at Gwen Ball, his opponent in this race. It's like night and day.

If Gwen is elected, I guarantee you there will be no closed door meetings that do not clearly abide by the law. All we need is one honest Alderperson who is willing to blow the whistle on illegal activity, and it will no longer happen. On that point alone, Gwen should earn your vote and support.

How will Gwen make decisions? Well, unlike her opponent, it won’t be based on who spent the most money entertaining her. She will first and foremost solicit citizen input. And, as she demonstrated countless times in her appearances before the Board, she will do her research to gather FACTS – something totally lacking during the prior administration.

Someone once said to me, “Gwen will be a great public official, because she cares about the ‘little’ people.” Although I might disagree with the term “little people”, the idea expressed is right on target. Pollard will pay attention to you if you’re important or rich, but Gwen will give everyone equal attention.

Gwen is not afraid to tackle tough issues. She demonstrated her courage when, against all odds, she took on the condo developers. You would not believe the abuse she has suffered, but she has never waivered – because she knew she was right. She showed courage again when she agreed to run for Alderwoman, when everyone said she didn’t have a chance.

Even if she doesn’t win, Gwen has already performed a service for Natchez. She was the first candidate to campaign for open government, and now almost all candidates endorse that position (except Pollard, of course). The next Mayor and Board, whoever they are, will operate in a much more open manner and involve the public in their decisions, and you can thank Gwen for that.

However, I think she’ll win. Why? She has worked very hard, knocking on practically every door in her ward and talking to voters. If she missed them at home, she has tried to call them. And do you know what? When voters meet her, they really like her. Her genuineness comes across, and they trust her to represent them fairly.

Please vote for Gwen Ball on Tuesday, June 3.

A vote for Gwen is a vote for Natchez.


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Anonymous said...

It is hard to express how much I admire Gwen for the leadership qualities she has demonstrated in the past two years, just as a private citizen. With no thought of personal gain, she has consistently acted in the best interests of the community of Natchez.
And yes, Mr. Bartley, we know you work for Mr. Worley.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Buie Says:


Your most recent postings have been fantastic. My compliments to you. You were able to say things that I am unable to do by expressing my sentiments exactly on the issues that you addressed.

Gwen is all the things you said about her.... and more! She instantly became a local favorite of mine as soon as I arrived in Natchez. She is a pleasantly surprising breath of fresh air.

Gwen is one of the most unselfish, nicest, caring, friendly people that I have ever met. She has all the qualities needed to run our city and I truly believe that will come about in four years from now, if she so chooses.

I asked Gwen to run for mayor and I believe she could have easily walked away with this election. The time was perfect. However, Gwen followed her good judgment and I respect that.

There is nobody that has done more for our city and our people than Gwen has over the last four years. Not even, close! Down the road she will become appreciated more and more as citizens realize how she shouldered some heavy responsibilities in preserving our city's assets, fighting corruption and once again opening the door to open, honest government. What a great asset she will be to us in welcoming and hosting expansion minded people to our community with her intelligence, charm and genuine love for Natchez.

What many in Natchez might not know is that she (Gwen) and others had formed a citizens group focused on economic growth and other issues affecting our ability or inability to attract people and businesses to our city and county. This was not a "take charge" group but rather one that could contribute through ideas and actions to stimulate a sick economy and to create a city that would entice people to want to come here, visit, and make Natchez their home.

One of Mississippi's top economic development experts came and talked to the group. Many top-notch citizens were involved in this venture and there is no doubt in my mind that we could have contributed, given time.

Unfortunately, our group had to be placed on hold while we were trying to keep city government from giving our city away through unscrupulous methods and unsound business tactics. In other words, we found out early on that there was no leadership.

The articles relative to our choice of mayoral candidates were so well written and impressive. I do not think I have ever seen opinions expressed so unbiased. Great job!

It is hard to imagine how Jake came up with so many great ideas for his platform. After all, he’s only had 16 years to think about doing something..., having done nothing! Jake is not a bad guy and I like him but he’s just not the right person at the right time.

I think Chick will do well in the election! He will be an excellent leader, which is all that we really need if we can get some intellect on the Board. We have certainly not had it over the past four years. I am sure most of you can recall and will agree with Kevin Cooper’s analogy some months ago of the “intellectually nakedness” that gleamed from council chambers.

Gwen and Chick, you are my friends and I wish you well. Both of you will represent our city well by exuding an aura of sincerity, honesty and intelligence to those who are not fortunate enough to live in our beautiful city.

Luv You Guys,

Bobby Buie

Anonymous said...

Unlike our old board of alderpersons, Gwen Ball will not vote her own interests. She will be a true public servant. I personally will be disgusted with the people of Natchez if they can't open their eyes and see how this crowd of alderpersons has hurt our city with their closed doors and insensitivity to the taxpayers of Natchez. Go Gwen!

Anonymous said...

The 4 comments that have been posted, as well as your article about Gwen, should help make the entire area aware of the tremendous difference between Gwen Ball and Bob Pollard. They are all excellent and correct.

Gwen is most outstanding in every way. Natchez is so very fortunate that she is willing to serve as an Alderwoman to care for the legitimate needs of this community. She will move Natchez forward in developing a healthy economy while preseving that which makes Natchez unique and special, not only to its citizens, but to the entire world.

Unfortunately, Bob Pollard has failed to do this and has contributed nothing to improving the community, but rather has been part of the problems of the current administration which the voters have already rejected.

We have an opportunity to elect a true leader with impeccible integrity. Please vote, and encourage others to vote for Gwen Ball tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe the Democrat endorsed Pollard? What are they smoking?

Anonymous said...

I heard Gwen Ball had a rally just behind the gazebo on Broadway street. Anyone know what went on there?

Anonymous said...

There was no rally.

Anonymous said...

Negative Ned Says......

Dear Anonymous 12:33 PM,

I have no idea what your comment means but I have a feeling that it is no good.

May the fingers you wrote(typed) it with will rot and fall off!

Negative Ned

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where we can send contributions to Gwen's campaign?

Casey Ann said...

You can send it to her house at 311 South Commerce, and you can call her at 601.304.2022.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Rednecks won! and Natchez lost.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say the rednecks won, but certainly- the misinformed and the good 'ole boys won out.

What a disappointment. Pollard and Jake were representative of all that was/ is wrong with our city gov't. Two shining examples of do- nothings. They just sat, watched, listened, ho- hummed and collected paychecks. And poor old Pollard couldn't find his rear-duty instrument with both hands if he had directions and help.

Chick and Gwen were, I feel, truly a shining example of what we needed for our city. Ones that were not part of "the machine", nor beholden to anyone or any one group. They have common sense. They would have been rays of hope and intelligent leadership for all of us. And they certainly would have followed the rules governing meetings and been interested in all citizen's voices.

Hooray for the good 'ole boys. Now we get to listen to loud- mouth Arseneux, stupid- minded Gray, illiterate Pollard and do- nothing, say-nothing Jake.

Woo- Hoo !!!

Hope the rest of the board shows some life and leadership.

Anonymous said...

Rednecks won and Natchez lost???? That is a pathetic, judgmental and elitist thing to say. I'd argue that the "know it alls" lost and the regular folks won. But that wouldn't be completely accurate either. Only the elitist voted for Chick. ALL persons of all class or race voted for Jake.

Anonymous said...

I would also attibute that elitist attitude to both Graning and Gwen's losses. I live in Pollards district. I actually respect what Gwen tries to do, although I've never met her. But I can't get beyond her perceived liberal political views. Locally it shouldn't matter much and I always remain open minded. But jeez, she's out there.

Anonymous said...

Soar Loozer Said:

Dear Anonymous 7:37,

I love it!!.....and couldn't have said it better.

Hope Jake and Bob read this blog
and see how many, many people really feel about them even though they won.

Overall these elections will still
make the council chambers look like Rogue's Gallery with an average IQ not quite up to "room temperature"

If anybody out there knows if Pollard and Middleton readthis blog or not, please let me know; if not, I will mail them a copy of this comment. They need to know....

Soar Loozer

Anonymous said...

Conservative Sam said:

Dear 8:38,

How can you be so judgemental about somebody you have never met?

Why don't you make it a point to meet her? I assure you that you will instanly like her. Her love for people and for our city is genuine.

I'm to the right of the great majority of fellow Natchezians so
if Qwen wasn't on target with the "right" things I would not have endorsed her to represent Ward 3.

By the way, why don't you apologize to her?!!

Have a nice day,
Conservative Sam

Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say that Marty Seibert will be first on the chopping block. I wonder who will replace her on the commission. What arrogance she showed, a board appointed position and she openly campaigns for someone not on the board. A person of her position shouldn't be campaigning for anyone. Oh well, she sealed her fate. Hope it was worth it.

Anonymous said...

The generalization of the redneck comment is judgmental, ignorant, and misinformed. Jake received support and votes from people of every social and economic level in Natchez. I have attended both of his victory parties and I have not seen any rednecks there I hate to tell you, but a great cross-section of Natchez citizens.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Sam,
I didn't criticize Ball at all. Are you saying she's not a liberal? If so, then I know more about her than you do, and I've never met her. Being a Democrat is one thing, being a far-left liberal is another. Sorry, can't vote for the latter, it's against everything I believe in. I don't doubt her love for Natchez, that is not in question.