Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Friend Helen

My friend Helen is well into her eighties, but she doesn't act like it. Not only is she an accomplished artist, but she's very good with a computer - while most people her age are scared to death of them. She recently told me a great story, which I just had to share.

Her computer lost its internet connection. The cable company said nothing was wrong. So she and a friend tried everything to get it working. She had thrown in the towel and was going to buy a new computer. But suddenly, her internet was magically back on. Then she figured out what had happened.

Her next door neighbor had his cable and internet service disconnected because he was going to have a dish installed. He never could get it to work, so after several days of trying, he asked the cable company to reinstitute his cable service.

Helen figured out that the cable company probably disconnected her instead of her neighbor. Of course, the cable company will never admit it, but I'm sure she's right. She's sharp!

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