Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gotta Love the Natchez Life

Today I was reminded why I love the life in Natchez.

This afternoon I went to a magnificent duo piano concert at First Presbyterian Church, which is impressive in its own right. These two world class pianists were brought to Natchez through connections with a church member. It was truly awe inspiring.

I could have gone to a poetry reading at an art gallery or a opera presentation at an antebellum home. But instead I went to a neighbor's, who serves scrumptious homemade ice cream on her porch every Sunday evening in the summer. This was the opening night, and it was standing room only - all the porch rockers were full.

It's summertime - and the living is easy.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, I would love to be in Natchez right now! You lucky thing, getting to enjoy all that.

Jane said...

The concert was wonderful, so happy I attended. Also, Biscuit & Blues was buzzing Sunday evening since it was the only restaurant opened downtown. It was packed--every table full-- and I believe just about all of them tourist. Kudos to B&B for being opened while others closed.

pat and larry said...

Why WE love Natchez? A simple thing like ice cream, a little bit of sweetness, a whole lot of fun -- if you make it, they will come!

Jane said...

The ice cream--definitely the icing on a perfect evening--a gastronomical delight!