Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Evolution of a Tomato

(This was an email sent to my kids and a few others and one of those "others" asked me to share on the blog.) 

Okay.  You may find this trivial ...but, I'm so proud of this tomato because I grew it and it was a solitary, independent enterprise. And, this is the prettiest tomato I've ever seen: perfect in size, shape, color. 


Not the first time I've been involved in tomato growing but this time it was just me doing the planting and growing, watering and watching.  You recall I'm a BFFG (bona fide farm girl) and my childhood summers were a glorious mix of tractor-driving, sand-dune excursions (looking for and finding arrowheads) and vegetable-growing and picking.  Mom kept tiny salt shakers and we'd pull tomatoes off the vine and eat them right there in the garden.  I also remember that at least one time we drove to town and sold produce on the street corner in tiny Hugoton, Kansas.  Mom canned those tomatoes so Dad would have them for his fried potatoes in the winter months.  She also made ketchup in addition to the canning, and jelly and jam processing.  What an industrious, talented and smart woman!  


Well, I must give you the facts on this particular tomato.  It weighed in at 10oz, 3 3/4" in diameter and retained the prettiest little crown of green stem, with not a blemish on its shiny red surface.  And, get this:  Its texture upon eating is firm and has that "just right" tomato taste.  


I'd been dreading the thought of taking the knife to this tomato.  I just didn't want to cut it; I wanted to find a county fair and put it on exhibit and win the 1st place Purple Ribbon.  But, this was the day to experience it's culinary glory ... just right for I had to do it.   


Sorry you can't be here to have a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich.



Elizabeth said...

Fab post, thanks. Really enjoyed reading this.

Casey Ann said...

That tomato is truly beautiful, and my mouth is watering just looking at the pictures.

Jane said...

I love reading about food! You're a regular M. F. K. Fisher. Thanks for the tomato you gave me; I'll savour every bite.

Gwen said...

Jane, I hope that tomato is as good as the last. This will tell the story on my culinary discourse: I had to google your friend Ms. Fisher. I'll have more to say about tomatoes later.

Sarah said...

I noticed that you chose light mayonnaise... do not you feel that this perfect tomato deserved a full-fat, aka full-flavor, spread?? I suggest homemade mayo for the homegrown tomato:

Casey Ann said...

We can't eat homemade mayonnaise - all those raw eggs! Wonder if store bought mayonnaise has them too.

Personally, I'm a fan of Miracle Whip.

Gwen said...

Sarah, I simply can't tell the difference between the light and full-fatted mayo so I choose to save a few calories on that score. Also, a tomato sandwich reserves the right to white bread. Otherwise it's the grainy version...if bread at all, and rarely. Wish you were here to do them justice.