Monday, July 06, 2009

My husband the oil mogul

When my grandmother died a few years ago, I inherited about 1/500th of an oil well in Mississippi. My husband, a poor English boy who grew up watching Dallas on television, almost died himself of happiness.

"Relax," I said. "I didn't really inherit a complete oil well. We aren't moguls now." The checks I get from the oil company might be up to $100 a month but then I have to pay a share of the operating expenses too so that takes a lot out of it. So basically we might get 20 bucks a month out of it.

But my husband is so happy being an oil mogul -- he pores over any statement we get, just like he is JR Ewing.

Today we got papers about investing in some new deep-drilling operation. Mel is in heaven right now, looking over seismic surveys of the area, aerial maps of the proposed site and mineral leases.

I thought it was cute how excited he gets over nothing so took a pic.


Shantybellum said...

You're right. He's cute!

Casey Ann said...

I would be the same way - and I didn't even watch Dallas. I have a few stocks that I picked myself (not in a mutual fund) that I follow religiously. I even vote in the elections and read all the stuff. Mind you, these stocks weren't worth much to begin with - and are now worth less.

It's just fun!

Elizabeth said...

Elodie -- you are so nice to say that. It's so funny how everyone is thinking my husband is Casey Ann's spouse.

I've made so many stocks mistakes. I'm being ultra-cautious if we ever have any money again.

Anonymous said...
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