Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Town Hall Meeting Boring and Depressing

As I left the Town Hall meeting, I asked myself why in the world I went - and encouraged others to do the same. No good answer.

The first downer was discovering I had no Internet access, since I had planned on live blogging the event. No Internet in a Convention Center? What are those people thinking? No wonder Natchez has trouble competing. Memo to Walter Tipton: This is the 21st Century.

The good news was there was a good crowd there. Extra chairs had to be brought in - and there were still people standing. It's nice to know people are interested in health care reform and in their government. The bad news is these people were appallingly ignorant.

When a Democratic member of Congress has a town hall meeting, the opposition screams, interrupts, threatens, and even brings guns. We've all seen these mobs on TV. But when a Republican has a town hall, everyone is very polite. Does this tell you anything?

Senator Wicker's introductory remarks were predictable - straight out of the Republican play book. Unfortunately, most of it is not true. Is he just dumb - or does he know he's lying?

He starts by saying that "the greatest issue of our time" is the "government takeover of healthcare". He got a big round of applause. This was the big issue of the meeting. How horrible it would be for the federal government to run our health care. On the other hand, Medicare is wonderful and don't mess with it. Do none of these people see the contradiction in these two ideas?

Medicare is run by the federal government - it is even a single payor system. If you don't want a "government takeover of healthcare", then the first step is to abolish Medicare. Of course, they would never do that, because Medicare is hugely popular.

If you are truly concerned about Medicare and senior citizens, then check with the AARP, which supports health care reform and is trying to fight the lies meant to scare senior citizens. It very clearly states that health care reform:

  1. Is not socialized medicine.
  2. Does not mean rationed care.
  3. Will help - not hurt - Medicare.
  4. Is not too costly.
  5. Doesn't mean goverment makes life or death decisions
However, the health care reform legislation is NOT a "government takeover of healthcare". Quite the opposite. It is an effort to maintain our system of health care, which is currently in serious trouble.

Senator Wicker acknowledges our health care system needs improvement. So did he and the Republicans try to work with the Democrats to come up with those improvements? Of course not. They don't care about the health care of the American people. All they care about is Republicans winning elections next year, and they realize their best chance is to defeat Obama on this big issue. As widely reported in the news, Republican Senator DeMint said:

"If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him."

Wicker does not want to make the current legislation better. No, he said several times that he wants to kill the current legislation and start over. If he and the Republicans are successful, then American is indeed in deep trouble.

PS If you look at who contributes to Senator Wicker's campaigns, the top industries are Finance & Insurance. Why am I not surprised?


Shawn said...

I warned you that this would be a waste of time. We already knew Wicker's stance on healthcare reform and how he will vote.

If they do defeat Obama on healthcare reform, it will be his "Waterloo", and it should be. If he can't deliver on this with a sizeable majority on Congress and public support, then he will go down in history as one of the most ineffective leaders in American history.

I find his timidity and willingness to bend of over for Republicans pathetic.

Elizabeth said...

If DeMint wants to break Obama, what is he proposing to do about healthcare afterwards?

Where is their plan?

Shawn said...

Republicans have no plan. They think healthcare us fine the way it is: great care for the rich, inept to none for the poor. With Obama and company ready to cave on a public option, the worst case scenario for Republicans is that they will have to sign on to some type of reform, sans public option. Of course, it will be like the Republican's Medicare prescription plan: a massive government giveaway to insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

Art Vandalay said...

"""When a Democratic member of Congress has a town hall meeting, the opposition screams, interrupts, threatens, and even brings guns. We've all seen these mobs on TV. But when a Republican has a town hall, everyone is very polite. Does this tell you anything?"""""

There you go again, calling concerned Americans "mobs." That is textbook out of the Democratic playbook. Why not go ahead and use words like "racists" and "unAmerican?" Your responses are as predictable as his were. Like the "bringing guns" nonsense...roll of eyes. I sincerely hope that Democrats continue to criticize conerned citizens by calling them names instead of addressing their concerns. It's hurting them politically and it's already showing in the polls.

Reread your paragraph. Maybe the reason they are civil when Republicans speak is because they agree with them. But when Democrats speak, they disagree. WOW, that was a difficult conclusion.

mintjulep said...

Sounds boring and depressing all right! Anytime there is a large group of ignorant people all talking nonsense, it depresses me, too. (whatever happened to the concept that it's embarrassing to make a fool of oneself in public..did that go by the wayside with "I can see Russia from my backyard"?)

Tend to see your point, Shawn...perhaps health care reform should just be shoved thru without catering to any more changes stemming from a Republican's wishlist. Obama was not elected by winning over people who stood up in public and called him an "A-rab", and they are the same folks who are yelling against health care refore. Maybe just bag it!

Shawn said...

Art Vandalay: Who brings guns to these town hall meetings, Democrats or Republicans? Who shouts down the speaker and the opposition with hysterical screams about "socialism", "death panels" and other complete bullshit? The answer, of course, is Republicans.

To compare what these right-wing idiots are doing to having a debate or discussion on an issue is more than disingenuous, but shows a complete detachment from reality.

And will someone please explain to me what the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms has to do with healthcare reform?

mintjulep: The legislation could be passed that way, but I'm beginning to fear Obama doesn't have the cajones to do it.

Art Vandalay said...

Sure Shawn, the media shows a couple of guys with guns at some of the events. damaging especially given the fact that you have no idea how some of these "gun totting" americans vote. You act as if every town hall meeting there are guns going freakin STUPID! Nobody believes that trash you are spewing. So, only Republicans own guns now....ok.

Funny, it's only left wingers who historically keep shooting at or killing presidents. It seems virtually every single assassignation or attempt of one is from a left wing socialist.

And please Shawn, keep referring to all these protesters as "unamerican" because judging by the polls all americans are getting tired of it. Bye bye Harry Reid.