Thursday, September 10, 2009

Journey Stories Exhibit at Historic Foundation

It would seem to me that the Smithsonian Institute would be quite meticulous in choosing sites for it's traveling exhibits, so the fact that we have this extraordinary SI gem spending a little over a month in Natchez, is extraordinary in itself. Mimi Miller has been working elbow to elbow with the SI staff in setting up the information panels that make up the exhibit, as well as with a few locals who volunteered to pitch in during the installation process. The exhibit will be showcased at the Historic Natchez Foundation building from Sept. 5th - Oct. 20th. Journey Stories documents the travels of the pioneer families who braved traveling across our great country under an array of arduous conditions. It answers the questions "Why did our ancestors come to America? Why did our families choose Natchez as home? The Journey Stories exhibition explores four centuries of American history through images, audio clips, music, maps, and artifacts. Visitors will listen to stories of travelers and trace their routes on an interactive map; read harrowing accounts of escaped slaves on the road to freedom; and use an 1859 guidebook to prepare for a westward trip on an overland trail. The exhibit is worthy of academic field trips, and material for school projects, so if you're a teacher, it would be a wonderful educational tool for students to learn about how the U.S. was born and what it took to bring us to where we are today.

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