Sunday, December 06, 2009


I took him in, gave him shelter when he was hurt and in exile from somewhere he'd long forgotten. He immediately gave over his heart and became a steady and loving companion.

I went away for ten days recently and came back to find him gone. I looked for him, called for him. I was certain he'd be back within a matter of hours; he knew I was looking for him; surely he'd not forgotten me.

Days went by with no word from him, no sight of him. I asked around and no one had seen him. Then one day he was back at my doorstep eager to reunite...momentarily. Then he was off again but came back the next day. I put my arms around him, held him close. Ah! I smelled a pleasant but unfamiliar scent...perfume! He must have found a new place, a new person in his life. He'd betrayed me!

My beautiful Boy Kitty found love down the street and I've decided that an occasional visit will suffice and that his new friend must need his loving and sweet companionship.


Elizabeth said...

What pretty writing! Thank you for posting.

I have foster cats (cat rescue places them with us) too who come and go. I am always sorry to see them leave for their new permanent home.

Gwen said...

Elizabeth, thank you. Yes, we have four rescued cats here now. This guy was found in the middle of the road at Lake St. John a couple of summers ago. He was bleeding from his face and we rushed him to the vets that early Sat. morning. He's such a love. I hope he'll decide to come back home for good. The other 3 are females and stick close to home. Good for you in keeping foster cats. That's a new one to me and we should have such a system here.

Gwen said...

I need to add that in my absence a friend came twice daily to feed and look after the cats. My friend never saw him during that time i was away.

Elizabeth said...

There's not a lot of land in England for big rescue shelters so cats' protection agencies house unwanted to cats with families and then adopt them to a permanent home from there.

We have a big fat cat named Dizzy now who we love. She discovered the Christmas tree last night and is fascinated by it.

Elizabeth said...

Gwen, I was thinking about this post and you last night -- I was thinking how you can write AND sing -- how lucky you are.

Gwen said...

Elizabeth, thank you so much for the kind words. I'm so looking forward to your visit to Natchez. Please keep us apprised of the date, etc.

Rob said...


Just a visitor from a random blog across the way. This is really sweet writing and a confirmation, if anyone needed it, that cats are fickle creatures (although i have two..darn them being cute too)