Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Barbour Embarasses Mississippi

Today our esteemed Governor wrote an op ed piece in the Washington Post in support of Toyota - and then went on CNN to do the same thing. Haley seems to have forgotten that he is a Governor now - not a lobbyist for big corporations. I know, I know. We have lots of jobs in Mississippi dependent on Toyota. But Haley seems to have also forgotten that people were killed due to Toyota's greed and negligence. Toyota's arrogant behavior was wide spread and reprehensible - and Haley looked to be defending that behavior.

And then he makes matters worse by making it look like the Department of Transportation was just picking on poor little Toyota in order to increase the market share of GM, of which US taxpayers now own a large chunk.
"That's why I hope Congress will resist the temptation to attack Toyota simply to advance the interests of its American competitors." -- Haley Barbour
Let's remind Haley that not everyone has his sick, paranoid mind. Other members of Congress, of both parties, were furious with Toyota. They were certainly not thinking of GM stock - they were concerned for the dead and injured Americans that were Toyota's victims - some of whom testified today.

And let's also remind Haley that the Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, who was almost apoplectic over Toyota's behavior, is a Republican.

Haley, Congress is trying to increase accountability and resources to monitor and regulate all car companies - not just Toyota -  in order to protect American and to prevent this from occuring again . You, on the other hand, were only concerned with money.

You shamed us, Haley. Mississippians are not like that.


vjack said...

I agree with you up to a point. Isn't Barbour basically doing what Republicans almost always do in these circumstances by siding with business over the people?

Art Vandalay said...

Oh yeah, Republicans and Big Business. Here's a little story that debunks that stupid myth.

Wall St. gives more to Dems than Repubs. Get over yourself. He was simply trying to save jobs in Mississippi. THAT IS HIS JOB!!!!! Calling him names like "sick" and "paranoid" is childish and that is putting it mildly. You guys, the author specifically, is getting a bit out of hand with the way you conduct yourself on this website. I wouldn't care except for the fact it's titled "The Natchez Blog." I'd prefer you to change it to the "Venom spitting left wing nut case, we call people childish names because we are infants" blog. That would suite you better. If Haley is an embarrassment to Mississippi, then this website is a complete total disaster for our beloved Natchez.

Casey Ann said...

Art, at least we're brave enough to use our own names. You, on the other hand, are so cowardly that you spit venom anonymously.

Art Vandalay said...

First off, I don't spit venom, not even close. I mean, look at the picture VJACK has next to his name. Why insult people with that nonsense? What good does that do? Do you think people in Natchez or outside of Natchez who may come to this site appreciate that. NO! I don't use my own name for many important reasons, job being #2 of which helps supports my family of which is #1. And what the heck does my real name have anything to do with this discussion? It doesn't.

Do you read what you write? Why not just call Haley a poo poo face and nanny nanny boo boo him to death. When you actually write without hate, you write fairly well. When you get personal and let your emotions get the best of you, it actually hurts your cause and makes you sound immature and bitter. It turns people off, which is why I think you should drop the "Natchez Blog" title. It's embarrassing. More people than you know have come across this site but completely disregard it now and you basically have the same three or four people who comment. Why do you think that is? You only preach to the choir here of which consists of about 9 of your own moderators.

Your response says it all. Instead of debating or arguing my point, you simply call me a "coward" and leave it at that. I would expect nothing less from this site. John Stossel said it best a few years ago when acccused of siding with Republicans sometimes even though he has both VERY LIBERAL social views along with conservative fiscal views he replied, "in my experience Conservatives are more open and willing to debate, Liberals just sneer at me and call me names." He couldn't be more right.

q12345q6789 said...

I live across the river in Vidalia, LA. Such is my interest in the affairs of our bridged sister city/state. But, it's pretty clear that negligence on the part of Toyota is not the root of all of these accidents. In fact, "sudden vehicle acceleration" MOST often has a fairly prosaic cause: The driver hits the wrong pedal. MOST of these accidents have been due to drivers over the age of 65. It is these drivers who MOSTLY make this error. The NTSB knows this. Now maybe Toyota could have done more tweaking to design pedals that do more to prevent the umm 20+ accidents out of 20,000,000+ Toyotas out there. But clearly the author of this post ALREADY hates Haley Barbour, no matter what. If the Toyota plant closes due to poor sales - maybe the author of this blog post will clothe/feed/shelter/protect/educate all of the communities it supports. Just MY Two-Cents, Thanks!