Monday, October 09, 2006

Municipal Salaries Compared

The link above will take you to the 2006 Annual Municipal Salary Survey provided by the Stennis Institute of Government. (It's a PDF document and requires Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free.) This document is also available at the Armstrong Library. Pretty interesting information!

I looked at the three municipalities with populations in the 18,000s: Natchez, Greenwood, and Laurel. (Ocean Springs also has a population in this range, but I left it out because of Katrina.) Our Mayor earns more than the Mayors in the other two municipalities. Our Aldermen, at their old salaries, earned more - now they earn a lot more. The City Clerk in Greenwood earns the most, with those in Natchez and Laurel about the same. Laurel has the most employees, and Greenwood has the least.

Our Personnel Manager and Court Clerk earn the least. Our Parks & Recreation Director is in the middle. Our Public Works Director and Code Enforcement Officer earn the least, and our Building Inspector and Laborers are in the middle. The other two cities do not list City Engineers or City Planners. Our Police Chief, Fire Chief, and Police Officers were in the middle, but our Firefighters were the lowest. For all but one of these, Laurel pays the highest.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see a history of the mayor's salary over the years with each person who served as mayor. When were their raises given and by whom and who was in office at the time of each raise. Did the mayor also get a raise when the alderman gave themselves one? I would imagine other mayors before the present one may be responsible for this high salary.

Casey Ann said...

The Mayor did not get a raise when the Aldermen did. If you want to know the history of raises, you could go to the Stennis Institute of Government (the link is in the story) and look for it in prior surveys. Let us know what you find out.