Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm Totally Disgusted!

I went to the meeting of the Natchez Planning Commission. They handled a few cases, and then came to the Proposed Natchez Development Code. The consultant, who has certainly never impressed me with any wisdom or vision, was there. She asked the Planning Commission to recommend adoption of the Draft Code to the Board of Aldermen. They made a few minor changes, and then passed the motion to recommend adoption. There was one abstention (I believe it was Linda Futrell), but everyone else voted yes.

As you know, I wrote extensive comments on the Draft, most of which were totally noncontroversial. I not only sent them to the Planning Department, but I mailed them to every member's home. Do you think they ever even mentioned them - much less discussed them? Of course not! Did a single one of those members express any concern whatsoever about what this Code will do to Natchez? Of course not! They just rolled over and played dead. They should all resign in shame.

We had a poll on this blog about development of the Bluffs, and 97% of you voted for something besides condos and casinos. Well, you all just lost. 75 foot condos, casinos, and liquor stores will be allowed in the historic waterfront district by right, and there will be nothing you can do about it.

The Planning Commission was so proud of itself for banning electric signs in the historic district. Well, those signs will be the least of our problems. Plus, you know perfectly well that the Board of Aldermen will allow them.

I did accomplish one thing. I requested that my comments be made a part of the public record, which they assured me they would. That will help with the inevitable lawsuits - since that seems to be the only way to accomplish anything in this city.

I don't know about you, but I'm totally disgusted!


Anonymous said...

Could it be
on your long road to phd
you forgot the song
"Sometimes you're wrong"

Anonymous said...

Casey, thank you for your efforts. We've witnessed a lot of "fence-sitting" and fear of taking a position...we then end up with a rubber-stamping commission. It's a tiresome and boring game! And if members abstain from voting, tell us why! Speak up for the community, or at least those who care enough to show up and comment! Sorry, Casey. I wish it was different. But at least you've laid the ground work for legal action.

Anonymous said...

To the rude 6:40am person: How dare you! Do you understand the significance of the discussion? If you do explain why she might be wrong!!

anonoymous 6:40 said...

Rude? Dare??

Lighten up.

The clear suggestion is that EVERYBODY is wrong - sometimes.

Well maybe not everybody.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Sorry I called you rude. That's falling into the pit of which I spoke. And yes, nobody's perfect. But, some of these changes in the new dev. code carry heavy and dangerous consequences for the future of Natchez. And, I might add, they will be noticed not just by those who are currently concerned, but by those who will look at us for future economic participation. Tell me why our leaders are asking for a 75' ht. limitation on the river corridor? And we all know Ms. Fox (consultant) has been manipulated to incorporate changes according to the will of the current
power brokers: City Council and otherwise.

Doc Fungo said...

Can any of you imagine how much more entertaining Natchez would be if it had Ferriday's Mayor Allen at the political helm!!!

Anonymous said...

We don't need Ferriday's Mayor Allen. The one we have is a hoot.

He and his little crowd in city government should be on America's Funniest Video's.

Unfortunately, there is serious city business now and then. Someone should tell them that, although it would make no difference.

Anonymous said...

Interestngly, I just spoke with a person from New Orleans who is visiting for a few days and asked about all these hotels going up. This person wanted to know about the one on the bluff (Broadway Conv. Ctr. Hotel). "It's so different, from everything else around you all have ordinances?" "We're very concious of ordinances in New Orleans". "Who's going to stay in these things? I would think most people who come to visit want to stay in the B&Bs". Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if our city government has voted to send Mayor Hoot back to Sweden lately?

That was a shrewd business trip in the name of tourism. I would bet no one kept any record of how many Swedes came to try out our slopes.

Anonymous said...


You are, indeed, a very bright light of knowledge and honesty. You are extremely informative and report things as they happen, with no "spin", if I am judging this correctly.

I don't know about the rest of you "anonymouses", but I am grown weary of the bull that has and is going on in our city.

Elected officials that cannot and will not follow the law nor guidelines that they are supposed to abide. Officials that embezzle monies, yet get to stay in their office and - get this!- run for re- election! No leadership in City Hall. Blatant disregard for public input.

There used to be a Taxpayer's Association that would attend Supervisors and Alderman meetings, and grill them about their practices and served as a watchdog for us- the Taxpayer.

I'm sick of it!
Do we just sit and keep talking about all this crap, or do we unite to demand answers to ethical, legal, and monetary questions regarding our city!!!???

Who the hell let someone put up that ugly hotel on canal to Broadway?? Who wanted it!? Did you? I know I didn't! Did I have a voice? Every person that I have spoken with that has voiced an opinion on it HATES it- it has destroyed part of OUR skyline. is OUR skyline. Not West's. Not Brown's. Not Massey's.

It is OURS!

Do any of us want to come together and start a core group to DEMAND accountability in this backwards political system here???

If we DON'T do something about all this, we have ourselves to blame.

And don't say " just vote 'em out". That doesn't always work. You have to watch them and hold their feet to the fire.

I'm SICK to death of all of it.

How sick are the rest of us? How much time would you want to give to restore some ethics and fiduciary responsibility in our leaders.

Left alone, they will continue to do as they damn well please, regardless of any master plan, preservation committee or law.

Well okay....that felt better.

I'm ready to speak up when we're ready.

Are you?

Anonymous said...

Yes sir/ma'am, i've been ready.

Everyone wants something done, but none want to step up to the plate, but its coming.

I think you will see the silent majority finally explode after this election, if these criminals get put in office.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. You get one vote just like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

That's right. One vote. But a lot of people who say "enough is enough" will comprise a lot of votes that will make a difference. I'm ready! And, thank you, for voicing your opinion, even anonymously. And, there have been folks who've stepped up to the plate. There was a group of people watching what was happening with that hotel, attending the council meetings, asking questions, speaking up. But, I don't think anyone ever thought it was going to be situated in such a way as it is: one long wall close to Broadway. The original plan was to obscure the parking with the bldg. on all three or four sides. Something happened when concerned citizens weren't watching, thought things were ok. That part of the bluff now belongs only to the hotel. If it's really for conventioneers then why not close to the cv. center? Those people now have to walk all that way in the rain, among the parked cars to get to the hotel. Do you suppose it has anything to do with the plans for a casino at Roth Hill? By the way, we do have commissions which are supposed to oversee constuction, site planning, aesthetics in our historic district, right? Maybe it's time they stepped up to the plate!!

Anonymous said...

Re: new hotels. It's amazing what the mayor of Madison, Ms. has accomplished. This little woman who is no young chick stood up to the likes of Walmart and other giant commercial chains. Unheard of! but she said if you can't adapt to our rules we don't need you. And they did--where is there another brick Walmart in the U.S.? This is the attitude Natchez needs to inherit: this is a special place and you will be lucky if we allow you enter.

Anonymous said...

ok, the alderman were jumping out of their chairs talking about the Lane Group and the city casino. Pollard and Middleton being quoted as saying "this casino is going to do much for Natchez". Ok then, where are they? The Dixiecrat paper has not mentioned them for weeks. Did the Alderman kill the "golden goose"? Time for them to leave office|

natchez07 said...

we need a replacement for Jake since he is maybe running for Mayor. Massey said he is not running and its time for Pollard to go. The woman alderman (whatever name she has this Month) is leaving, Bubba sick, and Grey is not the brightest in the world, so it only takes guts to run. Any takers

tootenrosie said...

Probably the "golden goose" just had second thoughts. It didn't get golden by being stupid.

Lane is worth billions because it made good choices.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine the Lane Group sullying it's reputation by association with the likes of Matt Walker and Francis Cuquet. They're both smooth-fast-talking, snake-oil salesmen. The Doody kid seems like a nice guy. He works for Lane but what in the hell is he doing getting mixed up with a couple of guys like Cuquet and Walker? And where/how did David Gardner find them? We don't need another casino. Members of the City Council say we don't get enough from the Isle because of bad deals, give aways. But, look at what they're up to now with Lane. It will be the same story all over again...promises never fulfilled, give-aways from the start just like the deal Under the Hill. (you don't really think they'll come through with all that?) Additionally the "open-palms" have been greased. So the winners here are Walker/Cuquet and the slick-palmed boa.