Monday, June 04, 2007

The Mysterious Disappearing Meetings

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I'm obsessed with the proposed Development Code for the city of Natchez because of parts that will be devastating to the Natchez that we love. You also know that I've told you twice that the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Adjustment were meeting jointly to discuss the Code and make recommendations to the Mayor & Board of Aldermen.

The first meeting was supposedly May 17. There was a meeting, but they had other items on their Agenda and only briefly discussed the Code. They decided to meet in a special meeting in about two weeks just for this purpose. After several inquiries, I was told by staff in the Planning Department that the meeting would be May 31. Others called and were told the same thing. We went to the City Council Chambers at 5:15 pm and found the building locked. I went across to City Hall and found it locked as well. Later I discovered that no meeting had been called - no members were notified. Is the Planning staff incompetent or did they lie to us?

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission isn't until June 21, where the staff again say the Code will be discussed. Will it really? Will the members of the Zoning Board be invited? Might the meeting happen earlier without the public being told? Will the Mayor & Board of Aldermen vote on the Code without the recommendations of their Commissions? Who know the answers to any of these questions? This is, after all, the magical land of Natchez where anything can happen. Stay tuned as I attempt to solve the riddle of the Mysterious Disappearing Meetings!

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Anonymous said...

Will our Planning Department ever get it together? The planner guy is never in the office. How in the world can you have a "contract" City Planner who lives in Alexandria, Louisiana?