Friday, April 25, 2008

A Star is Born in the Fourth Ward

If you went to the Candidate's Forum, then you know there was only one star - one whom everyone applauded. That star is Tony Fields, one of the candidates for Alderman of Ward 4. He spoke naturally from his heart, and I think he was the only candidate who actually finished his introductory remarks within the time frame. Instead of stopping in mid sentence, his remarks ended appropriately.

He also spoke using very good English, which is more than I can say for most of the current Board. This is one of my pet peeves. The Aldermen represent us with all types of people and groups all over the state and country. I am personally embarrassed when my representatives can't even speak English properly. It makes them think we're all a bunch of Mississippi hicks.

Tony said one thing that really impressed me - and many other members of the audience. Unfortunately, he did not choose to talk about it in the article in the Democrat about this race. He said that all candidates talk about wanting to make Natchez a city where our young people can stay and live. However, he pointed out that all the people saying that are old fogies (actually, that's my term - he was more polite). He wants to represent the young generation of this city. He's absolutely right. We badly need younger people on the Board of Aldermen, to serve as spokespeople and role models, and to represent a different point of view.

In the Democrat article, he chose to talk mostly about education, which as I've said before, is not an area over which the Board has much control. However, that's what he knows best, and if anyone can make a difference, it's Tony Fields.

I don't have anything against Bubber West. I think he's actually one of the most effective and intelligent of the Aldermen - not that there's much competition. But he has serious financial and health problems, which interfere with his ability to serve. He's had 17 pretty good years, and it's time to make way for a new generation.

I had to feel sorry for the third candidate, Donnell Newsome, who is actually a very good candidate. He had to share the stage with the Star and the Incumbent, and it was tough to compete.

Unlike the rest of us, Ward 4 actually has three competent candidates. But I have to say, Tony Fields really stood out.

PS. You may have noticed that I left out Ward 3. That's because there's no vote there until the General Election on June 3, and I wanted to concentrate on those we vote for in the Primary Election on May 6. Besides, I have discussed Ward 3 previously, and I can assure you I'll have more to say in the future.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we can't wait to hear your biased opinion on Ward 3. We all know who your candidate is so spare us.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! anonymous 8:16 !
This is Casey's blog, and you are free to read items,not to read items or comment on items.

But to have the attitude that Casey is to write about what WE want to read is bull roar.

Spare us??!! If you don't like what she is writing, don't read it.

But don't cop an attitude that she is answerable to us as to HER blog's content.

Anonymous said...

Field's is a good guy. I've known him for about seven years. He is educated and articulate, which is more than you can say for most people around here. An example is this moron county supervisor Lazarus. Have you heard him speak? I keep expecting him to show off his Special Olympics trophy. Now that channel 4 is televising the alderman and supervisor meetings, I am more depressed than ever. I have to stop watching.

Anonymous said...

well i guess you have put the kiss of death on fields camp now by picking him, but you are probably right a good man hope he wins

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief, anon 1:18! At the very least, lighten up! Yes, it is Casey's blog. But unless I missed it, Casey is a FIRM believer in freedom of speech.

Get your panties (or thongs, boxers or knickers, etc.) out of a wad and listen to another voice.

Get over yourself!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I do agree with her on Fields. He is the ONLY candidate that makes sense.

I hope he is elected, and if so, believe only very positive things will come from his tenure.

Anonymous said...

I love how when some people are rebuked, such as anony 8:16, they do not accept a reasonable and appropriate rebuke but instead get defensive, aggresive and abusive. Case in point-anony 11:30.

Thank you for your words of anger.

Anonymous said...

Well, that Anonymous was different from me, the 8:16 one. It wasn't my rebuke. I've written one, I think I ranted off subject also, but it was not posted. Guess it touched a nerve.

Anyway, I would argue that Casey is, in fact, answerable to her blog for her comments. It's titled THE NATCHEZ BLOG. If it were titled CASEY"S BLOG, I would understand. But the first includes us all and all should be held accountable.

I stand by the first statement. Casey is backing Ball, that is not a disputed fact. Politically, from what I've read and heard, they are right on par with each other, left-wing liberal. She has every right to post her opinion about it, sure, I was just stating that we already know it.

Second, all I hear from Ball is some silly "open meeting" platform. If this is her only platform, as was Waycaster's initially, than she has no platform.

Anonymous said...

I agree that if a candidate is using “open meetings” as a platform, they might as well go home. We have open meetings. Of course she could always file suit against the city as she has in the past. But she lost. What a waste of city money.

Anonymous said...

What is Pollard"s platform? A proven record of being a completely ineffective alderman? Yeah, run on that.

Anonymous said...

Bob has been a good alderman. He is wonderful with tourism and seems to really care about Natchez.

About Natchez, it appears that when you disagree with someone, bullying is the accepted practice.
Casey,don't let them get you down.