Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What's Going On in Ward 2?

This is an interesting race. The incumbent Ricky Gray has been representing Ward 2 for two terms (eight years) and wants to do it for another four years. After watching him for four years, I have to say I think he does his best to represent his constituents. I disagree with some of his methods, but I think his intent is honorable. One method that drives me crazy is that he raises all constituency issues at the Board meetings. That is an inappropriate use of Board time. He could handle most of those issues by contacting city personnel and trying to work on the problems. It does get him a lot of publicity with the voters he's trying to help, but it's not very effective. Of course, compared to his seat mate Joyce, he looks reasonable in this regard.

Ricky definitely has made some of his voters mad. You can tell by the number of people who filed to run against him. He supposedly represents the concerns of the firefighters on the Board, but I know a number of them don't like him at all. There are also lots of personal rumors about him, but I have not been able to find any proof whatsoever. I also thought it was pretty tacky for him to file a complaint against one of his opponents, Larry Hooper, for not living in the Ward - especially when the same complaint was leveled against him the first time he ran. Fortunately, the Democratic Committee ruled that his opponent could stay on the ballot.

Larry Hooper is also interesting. He was the interim Principal at Robert Lewis Middle School last year. When he was suspended last spring, a large percentage of the students staged a protest on his behalf. A lot of parents were supportive of him as well. What the truth is, I have no idea - especially since the school administration would not comment on personnel issues.

However, it's obvious Larry Hooper, who is now a principal in Centreville, is popular with a large segment of the population and should give Ricky a run for his money. I would not be surprised if he and Ricky ended up in the runoff.

I was very disappointed that Larry Hooper did not show up at the candidate's forum, since I was interested in seeing him. Neither did the other candidate, Johnny Franklin. I hold this against both of them. If they couldn't bother to show up for the only forum for citizens, why should anyone vote for them.

I know next to nothing about Johnny Franklin, except he's a firefighter who's about to retire - and is obviously one of those firefighters who doesn't think Ricky has represented them well.

Here's the article in the Democrat discussing this race.


Anonymous said...

ricky has done nothing for policemen and little for firemen anyway good luck ricky your record is good enough for 4 more years

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of "Mr. Z's?" It is a notorius nightclub on Linda Lee Drive. Go to the police department and look at the polic reports. Drugs, fights, strippers, and all kind of stuff is in there. My question is this, "WHY DOES ALDERMAN GRAY WORK THE DOOR AT THIS PLACE EVERY WEEKEND?" This does not speak well for a public official who is always around our young people (especially young girls).

Anonymous said...

Speaking of crime..... I would like for someone to question Mr. Gray about how his vehicle was allegedly/mysteriously stolen right around the time when he found out he would be opposed this year. To his dismay, the vechicle was found HIDDEN in an area on East Steirs Lane where he was seen just days before. There was no sign of forced entry to the vechicle and it was not hot wired.I'm sure his insurance company found this to be interesting too. The police won't investigate possible attempt to defraud insurance/false report because he is over the police. You know that the car wash has been closed for months and the club business has slowed since Gray tried to get another club closed due to his jealousy. His money is probably funny. No wonder he wanted a raise. lol

Anonymous said...

FYI - anonymous said, "No wonder he wanted a raise." If I recall correctly, Alderman Gray was the ONLY alderman to vote against a pay raise. The pay raise issue came up during the time that there was discussion about raising water rates and he said there was no way he would vote for a pay raise for himself and then turn right around and vote to raise people's water bills.


Anonymous said...

OK, than do your research. Middleton also voted against the pay raise.

Anonymous said...

Gray voted to allow the members to have the opportunity to vote for a raise knowing that the majority of them wanted such. If he really was against a raise he wouldn't have voted in favor of this. He talks out of both sides of mouth. He wanted a raise too but he wants everybody to think that he is robin hood or something. we know the truth and he does too.

Anonymous said...

Why are people so against Alderman Gray? I don't understand. I live in Ward 2 and I don't see why the people are attacking him like this. What is the problem? I really would like to know.

Anonymous said...

the truth is the truth, don't get it confused with personal attacks. I would lovefor Gray to prove that these statements are not factual, especially the one about underage girls and working at crime infested nightclub. can you imagine watts,lazarus, spanky, daryl or boo taking up money at a nightclub. lol. i guess ward 2 will get what they are used too...nothing but hot air and bs entertainment from him. especially since he and arceneaux know that they are on tv now. hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Sam says:


I'm writing to you as one of the "old fogies" you mentioned in
today's posting.

I must be honest and tell you that I cannot take any more of the liberal garbage that gleams from your mouth and your pen.

Your political views stink. So do your personal views concerning people, places and things and.... if I knew your social habits(i.e. Drinking Liberally for instance) I would include them too.

You are, without a doubt, the most liberal human being that I have ever encountered in my lifetime.
If ever there was anyone that I had more extreme differences with or more opposite points of view, it would be you. I will let the aforementioned words suffice...

You are not only out of touch with
mainstream America, but you are out
of touch with reality, period.

Conservative Sam

Anonymous said...

Wow - Sam that was mean. I know Casey and she is a bleeding heart liberal, but she does not hide her point of view. Casey is often wrong but her blog does expose news that the Democrat buries, ignores, or quite honesty does not understand.

Casey despite a liberal bent is fair, and is actually a very nice person.
If her blog was stopped by the powers that be, Natchez would be worse off.
Years ago "Rinaldi's Rag" had to fight being shut down by a out of control Mayor who objected to criticism. Despite rumors Peter is very nice too!

Anonymous said...

VOTE Ricky Gray YES Ward 2

VOTE Larry Hooper NO

VOTE Johnny Franklin NO

Anonymous said...

I am going to "Stick with Rick."

Rickey Gray for Alderman of Ward 2 on Tuesday, May 6, 2008.

Anonymous said...

I would not vote for any candidate that I would not feel comfortable being around my teenage daughter.