Saturday, June 07, 2008

Live From the MS State Convention II

Attorney General Hood was elected as the unpledged delegate to the National Convention. Now they're electing the 4 Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) delegates - 3 for Obama and 1 for Clinton. Senator David Jordan, Representative Angela Cockerham, and former Governor Ray Mabus were elected as Obama PLEO delegates. Former Senator and former party chair Gloria Robinson was elected as the Clinton PLEO delegate.

The state delegates then adopted a party platform without discussion. One major plank was increasing the cigarette tax (one of the lowest in the country) and decreasing the tax on food (one of the highest in the country) - and is in stark contrast to the Republican policy.

In the Democratic party, rules require equal numbers of male and female delegates, but all other goals for diversity are recommended not required. At this point, there are more male delegates than female. So the election of delegates today has to correct the inbalance. There was some delay in figuring the numbers, partly because Mississippi increased their allocated number of delegates when Travis Childers was elected.

Everyone divided into the Obama caucus and the Clinton caucus to vote for their delegates. Unfortunately, both caucuses met in different ends of the same large room. The Obama caucus got the microphone, and Clinton caucus was reduced to shouting to make themselves heard. Just another example of the discrimination the Clinton campaign has suffered. People in the Clinton caucus were not happy, but the Obama caucus didn't seem to care.

Next were the Congressional District caucuses, where delegates elected members of the State Executive Committee, including Audrey Seale from Adams County. Presidential electors were also elected, including Phillip West of Natchez.

Everyone reconvened and voted for Natchez attorney Everett Sanders for the National Committeeman for Mississippi overwhelmingly. There were several candidates for National Committeewoman, but the incumbent Johnnie Patton was reelected in a close vote. Finally, two at large Presidential electors were elected.

The Mississippi delegation met and electged Congressman Bennie Thompson as Chair and Committee appointments were announced. Then the Convention was adjourned.

It was an interesting and long day - and good practice for Denver. All the Mississippi Delegates have now been elected, and I should be receiving a complete list shortly.

Click here for the Clarion Ledger's take on the Convention.


Sharon said...

The Republican Platform is silent on a cigarette tax and food taxes and speaks to taxes only in general is that a "stark contrast to the Republican policy"?

Casey Ann said...

They may not have it in their platform - that wouldn't look good to voters - but they've been in lockstep behind Haley "Former Tobacco Lobbyist" Barbour in opposing an increase in the cigarette tax and a decrease in the food tax.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Sam said........

To: 3:06

Knock Knock Ding Dong! Hello ?!!

Why would anyone want to do something so dastardly and unkind like putting an additional tax on
cigarettes? Why do you think that you or any political force has the right to force people to quit?

What is wrong with smoking?? What have you personally got against it?

How could anyone forget how our country fought, against all odds, to set us free from the unbearable and unfair taxes placed on tea by the Mother Country?

How could anyone who believes in our constitution suggest that we target one product, one segment of society with unbearable taxes in an effort to force them to quit simply because some do not personally like it. Do you really think it is fair or even constitutional to do so?

In my lifetime, I have never known a cigarette to abuse a woman or innocent child. Alcohol has….. I have never known a cigarette to take the life of a father, mother, or child in a car accident…..Alcohol surely has…. Of course I could go on and on with endless examples but I’m sure you know these things.
The real point is that I think the taxes on heavy drinking and drinkers should bear the lion’s share of all
sales taxes.

Did you know that a survey taken a few years back revealed that 79% of anti- smoking advocates smoked pot, crack or other similar chemicals or had smoked it at some point while actively campaigning against smoking? Ding Dong, knock knock, hello?!! My friend, it’s that mentality or lack thereof that blows my mind.

A whopping 82% drank intoxicating liquors regularly. Common sense would tell normal people that a sizable portion of that would be to excess. Remember the lives affected by alcohol the next time you are Drinking Liberally. Why not become an advocate for a real “cause”? Advocacy for honest government would be a good place to start if you have just gotta have “change“. The potential for good is overwhelming.

Obviously, I am a smoker but I can assure you that I bother no one by doing it….and for the second -hand smoke thing, don’t even go there because that really makes me furious. You will never have to worry about me coming to your house to practice my habit. I always mind my own business and I stay home.

Quite honestly, I feel the mere mention of this subject highly offends me personally. Many people have much more offensive habits than I do. I do try to practice the principal of “your freedom ends where mine begins” and you just stepped on it. Tobacco in any sense of the word should never be on the “platform” of any party. Ding Dong!

I probably am in the minority on this subject but I have to tell you that I really do not give a damn. All of you who have this subject on your “personal agenda” or your “political platform” can simply kiss my…

I smoked all the way to the shores of Korea, in the mountains thereof, and back. Not everyone has had this great opportunity and privilege to join a “real” cause such as helping to maintain democracy throughout the world. Thanks, too, America for the opportunity to have helped preserve the rights of all Americans. It was a strange thing that during that point in my young life that no one ever told me not to smoke. I wonder why??

It is hard for me to imagine how anyone could tell me, after my life experiences, that I am not allowed to smoke on the streets of my country…... That anyone could desire to over-tax cigarettes to the point of making me quit. Amazingly, there are those who know better than we what we want and need from life. Wow! Ding Dong, knock knock!!!!!!!!

If this is all that you have to talk about at your convention then you need to pack it up and come home.
I sure do hate that I wasted that one-way ticket to send you out there. PoooooH! It would sure be easy to be riled up on the subject of smoking. I hope that it will not ever come to that.

Luv ya but leave me alone,


Advocate for “Don’t Trample on my Rights or Privileges”

P.S. I just as well go ahead and make the few of you left out there mad too. Why would we want to lower the tax on food when 80% of all Mississippians are seriously and dangerously obese? I think that taxes on food items should be INCREASED since obesity is far and away the #1-health crises in our state. Maybe more taxes would back them away from the table !? Well, there I go stepping on other people’s rights myself. Shame on me! Ding Dong ! Push away from the table only if you want to. I don’t care.

Anonymous said...



While you are at that boring convention,would you please post an article that can generate some controversy. That should be easy since most every thing you say and do is generally controversial(to me. Ha! Ha!). Things are so dull right now. I am bored.

Give us some of your opinions on something…anything, as that always creates numerous interactive shockwaves with my liberal friends and allows me to vent my boredom and frustrations to them. The ultimate good that comes from that is that it makes me feel good and makes them feel bad. Just kidding!!!

How about something like "Have the Democrats totally lost their minds by even allowing the slightest thought that OBAMA could ever become President?" or aybe "Cheney invites OBAMA on a hunting trip?" or possibly "A debt of gratitude to our President for successfully defending our homeland against terrorist attacks".

If you would consider allowing me a suggestion, I recommend a good article such as "The rise and fall of Mr. and Mrs. Hussein OBAMA", a short story written by the two pastors of the church the OBAMAS attend(ed).

Natchez has suddenly become an extremely dull and uninteresting place since Worley took complete control of the city, its politicians and our local newspaper. It is a real shame that the Opinon Page and the Editors Column are based on advertising revenues. Shameful it is that local news has to be swayed in favor of advertisers rather than just being truthful and exercising good unbiased judgment. I have been one of Kevin’s Cooper’s biggest fans but these things are a real disappointment to me.

Same is true with Rinaldi and the Binky saga. At least he (Rinaldi) did publicly admit siding with and defending an advertiser which influenced him in his defense of a well documented felony. Good for him!

Apparently, Worley and the newspaper are using Kirk Bartley, an employee of Worley, as their whipping boy and messenger to the public. Not a good choice.

By the way, it’s a good thing that The Democrat's judgment is not good since the citizens did not elect or re-elect most of the endorsements they made during the past two elections. The Democrat’s editor should be careful because if no one is buying your paper; then you won't need advertisers.


P. S. I am in the process of writing a book that I think will be of interest to many on How Vulture Tactics Can Produce Enormous Wealth in Time of Crisis and Pestilence. Get my drift?

Anonymous said...

Negative Ned, do you know anyone with enough money to buy out the folks who own the paper you refer to? I mean someone besides Worley.

Make some suggestions as to how we can defeat the "vultures" who sweet talk the city council. Obviously not enough people in this community give a damn about it. But, maybe they just don't know since the "paper" hides the corruption and the sheilds the deal-makers.

Anonymous said...

Soar Loozer said:

Dear Anonymous 9:55,

Good for you! I couldn't agree more. It's truly a time for some real changes in Natchez and; in a lot more ares than we would like to think.

I believe that the citizens who care about their city or, as far as that goes, about anyone or anything other than themselves should start speaking out.

Articles written to the the local newspaper(all of them) would be a good place to start and tomorrow would be a good day to start!!!

Anyone who doesn't think or believe that our city is being taken over by some undesirable elements of a "new society" would have to be sightless and clueless of the world around them.

Soar Loozer