Saturday, June 07, 2008

Live From the MS State Convention

Here we are at the Williams Athletic Center at Jackson State University attending the Mississippi State Democratic Convention. There are a lot of people here - looking to be a cross section of the population of the state.

Adams county (because it starts with an A) has a front row seat. We're represented by Everett Sanders, an Obama superdelegate, Dr Bennie Wright, who's running as an at large Obama delegate, Mayor Phillip West who's running as an elector, and several others, like me, who aren't running for anything.

We were just treated to a presentation of colors by a contingent of the Mississippi National Guard and a spine tingling rendition of the Star Spangled Banner - bet the Republicans can't find a singer like that!

Now we're listening to the obligatory speeches from those running for office, but they are keeping them brief. Speaking now is Ronnie Musgrove, who is running for US Senate. He's not one of my favorites, but he's far better than his Republican opponent, and he might get elected this year with Obama on the ticket.

Next up is Bennie Thompson, Second District Congressman and Chair of the Homeland Security in the US Congress. Having already been elected, he spoke for Obama - and this crowd loves Obama. The people here are the grassroots activists,and they are excited - they smell a Democratic victory in Mississippi for the first time in years and years.

Here comes the hero of this party - Travis Childers, who was just elected to the US Congress in a vastly Republican district. He got a rousing reception. He motivated the crowd to be proud to be Mississippi Democrats and urged them to "rise again." As he did in his election, he deftly combined Bible verses with economic populism.

The next speaker is undoubtedly the best orator - Erik Fleming has the uneviable job of running against US Thad Cochran. He had the crowd chanting "This is our moment - this is our time".

Attorney General Jim Hood, the only statewide Democrat, has been coming to these conventions since he was kid and his father brought him. He was followed by Joel Gill, who is the Democratic nominee for the Third Congressional District, which includes Natchez - not much to write home about.

That's about it for political speeches.


Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, Childers won as conservative. This is how the Democrats have begun winning. They finally realized running liberals outside of the large cities, California and Mass. only garnered losses. Maybe Zell Millers book "a National Party no More" finally woke them up.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Sam says....

Re: anonymous 1:30 PM

Amen Brother Ben !!

Conservative Sam