Monday, March 16, 2009


Check this site out, and be sure and scan your next sandwich for the site.


My sandwiches are too boring to scan. I get a turkey, cheese and lettuce sandwich every day at the office. The deli staff at Nokia (I work for the cellphone maker in their European headquarters outside London) start making my sandwich when they see me come down the stairs (11:45, so I can get the sandwich before the line forms, then I wrap it up and leave it until I come back from the gym). I don't even have to speak to them, they just make it and hand it to me.

It's the same with my skinny lattes too. They see me come downstairs first thing in the morning, they start making my latte.

If only the rest of my life could be so simple.

They do say to me, "Don't you get bored having the same sandwich year in and year out?" But I say it's too much to ask me to choose a different sandwich every day. I can only handle so much excitement in my life.


Shawn said...

I had a sandwich recently that was not only delicious, but exciting to eat! The Uptown Grocery on Canal St. makes a hot stacked pastrami sandwich. As if such ingredients such as pastrami and spicy mustard aren't enough, the final layer of the sandwich is a spread of minced garlic! Highly recommended.

Shawn said...

A Note of Caution: Don't eat this sandwich if you have romantic intentions for later in the day, as your breath will be very "garlicky" for a long time after your meal. Even Listerine is powerless against so much garlic.

Elizabeth said...

That sandwich sounds delish. I used to get those muffalettas there -- or was that Central Grocery? I take it you were already married when you ate that sandwich? Sounds too late to scan that one in, but what are you eating today?

Shawn said...

Not married. Still single. My love of garlic proved to strong.