Saturday, March 07, 2009

Who's Buying Natchez Regional?

Around September, we learned that Natchez Regional was up for sale and towards the end of the year, we learned there was a secret buyer. In early January, we were supposed to hear who that was. Well, we're still waiting. In the meantime, NRMC has filed for bankruptcy - which was somehow a good thing. We recently learned that our secret buyer is also interested in buying Community Hospital, although they deny knowing anything about it. This whole thing is beyond bizarre.

Today I ran across a blog article that claimed Essent Healthcare in Nashville was planning to buy NRMC. This blog is written by some current or former employee of one of their hospitals, who is not fond of Essent, who has filed a lawsuit against the blog, which doesn't seem to be worried. I have no idea how reliable this information is, but it's worth looking into. Kevin Cooper, are you listening?


Gwen said...

Well, looks like no one is buying much of anything these days, including hospitals, it seems. I know that many years ago, perhaps 20yrs ago, some in the medical community were advocating for a single hospital situation and the county then had an eager buyer. Of course that proposal was coming from Humana who owned Community at the time. I don't know what they (the county politicians, board members) were thinking but turns out they probably should have sold.

Gwen said...

I need to make a correction here regarding my previous comment. I was told that it was Jeff Davis, (now Regional) who had the money to buy out the current Community Hospital then owned by Humana. Amazing! But, the county, board, or someone(s) road-blocked the idea. Too bad.