Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Election Night Blog

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The first precinct is in, and based on the results, I can safely predict that Ronny Brown will be reelected as Sheriff. No other races are so clear cut.

I am putting the results into a spreadsheet with previous election results, and basing my predictions on this analysis.

After 5 precincts, I would also say it's looking good for Reynolds Atkins for Tax Assessor at this point, but it's too early to predict.

After 9 precincts, looks like Circuit Clerk is close, but I expect it to spread out shortly. Also Darryl Grennell looks to be reelected Supervisor District 4 without a runoff.

There are 2000 absentee and affidavit votes that won't be counted for days, and this will affect most races.

The Northern Justice Court Judge race between Audrey Minor Bailey and Patricia Dunmore will definitely be decided later.

Mike Lazarus, Supervisor District 1, will definitely make the runoff. It may take a few days to find out if he can avoid the runoff by getting over 50% of the vote.

After 12 precincts, the Circuit Clerk's race is still close, and it won't be decided tonight.

The last 8 precincts are taking forever to arrive, but they'll all come at once. So hang on! I sure do wonder why those votes are taking so long to leave the Courthouse.

Well, I went to visit a few candidates and just came back. All the results are in now - at least from today's voting.

In addition to Darryl Grennell, it looks like Spanky Felter also got reelected as Supervisor District 5. The others likely will have to go on to runoffs or generals.

Apparently James Lee got reelected Coronor. It looks like a runoff in the Southern Justice Court Judge's race between incumbent Charlie Vess and Danny Barber. However, the outstanding ballots might give Vess over 50%. We can safely say there will be a runoff for Tax Collector between Peter Burns and Rose Daniel Johnson.

And of course, our very own Bob Dearing was reelected to the Mississippi State Senate, for which Adams County can be grateful.

The biggest surprise to me is the closeness of the Circuit Clerk's race. I am truly shocked Binky got that many votes. Who in the world voted for him? Right now, it's a runoff between Binky and Eddie Walker (only 5 votes apart), but that could easily change after the absentee and affidavit ballots are counted. Only 355 votes separate the top from the bottom. I predict whoever runs against Binky wins easily.

My biggest disappointment is, of course, that Ronny Brown got reelected as Sheriff. However, that was more than made up for by Reynolds Atkins winning for Tax Assessor - the most important race of all. As as extra bonus for me, at this point, it looks like George Dale was defeated as Insurance Commissioner.

The Runoff Election is Tuesday, August 28!
(But only those who voted in the Democratic Primary today get to vote.)


Anonymous said...


What are your thoughts about the guy (Paul Leake) who is running the Supervisor of District 4? It seems as though he caused quite a scare for Mr. Grinnell.

Anonymous said...

I just heard the results from the Circuit Clerk's race...stunned is the only word I can come up with. Binkey is getting votes, lots of them. Are people in Natchez just stupid? Can money really buy votes for a self-confessed criminal? I am absolutely horrified by the ignorance in our community!

Has common sense really vanished in Natchez? I like Binkey....but he admitted guilt...good lord...are people just really STUPID?

Anonymous said...

Binkey is getting his black votes that he has paid for since he's been in office.

Where do you think most of the money he "stole" went?

Yep, you can still buy 'em folks and he who gives the most "WINS".

I'VE BEEN WATCHING THESE ELECTIONS FOR YEARS, and could write a book but it would be too disgusting for most people.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the Jackson TV station talking about the "interesting" Natchez race...Binkey Vines, admitted felon "here's his mug shot". HOW EMBARRASING FOR THE CITY OF NATCHEZ! But, the rest of the state knows how crooked we are so what the hell!

Anonymous said...

Agreed (with anony 10:06). The Binkey thing is not that suprising (although certainly sickening). What IS suprising is how Ronny Brown pulled the black vote. I can't say I remember a time when the black boxes were so dominated by a white candidate with black opposition. Again, BIG MONEY here without a doubt!

Anonymous said...

Circuit clerk race - add Johnson's votes to Binkey's right at 50%

If It is a Walker/Binkey runoff it is too close to call - Binkey has not spent much on his campaign yet - if he makes the runoff he will spend - I think Binkey has the edge ---

Fun fun fun

Anonymous said...

Brown race - not a shock - good candidate well funded - popular in black and white community - I was at his headquarters tonight - supporters evenly split. Ran a good clean race -
A knowledgeable friend predicted him with 77% months ago - he might make it with the rest of the vote.

Anonymous said...

I heard some interesting comments at one of the election partys last evening about Mike Lazarus.

It seems many of Sammy Cauthens supporters voted for Lazarus saying he'd be the easiest to beat in November.

Word was: Lazarus is nutty as a fruitcake, its his wife that runs their show. Maybe she should run.

Just passing along the local talk, here.

Anonymous said...

Heres my question.

Exactly what Judge???, expunged the felony record of Jerry Lyles? I already know the sorry lawyer that handled it.

Jerry Lyles is the wormiest of worms, black or white, and he will be back until he wins, although he is qualified for nothing. If elected where any money is involved he will be back in jail so lets get rid of that Judge???? before this happens.

I not only know Jerry Lyles, I have had some business dealings with him,,,,all bad.

Anonymous said...

I can only add my shock, disgust, disappointment, disbelief...etc.,.. that a criminal such as Binky got so many votes.

He is a CRIMINAL. Make no doubt about it.He is a THIEF. An IMBEZZLER. An IDIOT and a LIAR.He gushes forth with such remarks as" I put my faith in the Lord, and He answered me"....how does the Lord look upon a THIEF!!!!

I'd rather vote for Howdy Doody than Binky.

What an IDIOT! If I had been accused of the same CRIME that he was acussed of, and then plead GUILTY to said crime, I would have to leave town and never show my face again!

Not Binky! He smiles for the cameras (especially the camera that took his MUG SHOT) and throws the cash to the mindless masses to buy the vote.


For the love of all that is GOOD..and for the love of Natchez, let's vote that stupid fool out!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those recepients of Binky's cash know he's an easy mark and put back in office the cash will flow again.

Add Johnsons vote from the 1st primary and what do we have?

Thief Vines back in office, count on it. Very sad, but true.

Pintard and that judge are no part of what made this country great. They are a large part in what is taking it down.

Anonymous said...

For anonymous 5:36

I'm not so sure that Binky will recieve Johnson's support. Wasn't Mr. Johnson one of the last one's to be "Let go" by Vines right after he was first elected to office?

Guess we will have to wait and see if Mr. Johnson makes a "public" statement.

Anonymous said...

I was just watching Channel 3 (Jxn at 6:00) news and former State Supreme Court Judge Ed Pittman said," Neither Vines Nor Harris (Fayette) should have been allowed to run again for public office, AND, if elected, concerned citizens can file suit to have them removed"

Thats encouraging. COUNT ME IN.

Sign me: a very CONCERNED and PISSED OFF citizen.

Anonymous said...

This pissed of and concerned citizen was watching Channel 3 Jackson News at 5:00 pm, not 6:00.

Sorry bout dat.

Anonymous said...

The storys of Vines, Lyles, Brookes, Harris should not be left alone to die a quiet and natural death.

That would be a very poor example to set for our children and grand children

Anonymous said...

As far as Vines and Lyles go, I see no reason to keep these people around.

Anonymous said...

why in the hell would anybody vote for danny barber he is a crook and steals from kids and he never pays his bills