Thursday, August 23, 2007

See You Later - and Don't Forget to Vote!

I'm leaving this weekend for Vienna, Austria for about a month. Since Vienna is about 7 hours ahead of Natchez, there may be some delay before you see your comments posted. I'll probably post a couple of articles about my trip. If there's anything you want me to bring back for you, let me know.

Since I'm leaving, I voted absentee yesterday, and the process has definitely been improved. There is a special room just for absentee voting, and it was busy. When you walk in, they ask you a few questions and fill out a form for you. You are then handed a ballot with an envelope and directed to the hallway where there are privacy stands. You're told to fill out the ballot, put it in the envelope, seal the envelope, and bring it back. Then they watch you sign your name across the seal of the envelope. I didn't see Binky the whole time I was there. (Maybe he was upstairs watching the ballots being examined.) I haven't heard a single complaint this time. I guess Binky decided it was time to clean up his act.

I went to the Secretary of State's website to download the official election results, and guess what? The results from Adams County's Democratic Primary weren't there. Adams County Republican results were there. Even crazy Wilkinson County got their report there. Somebody's not doing their job.


If no candidate got 50% of the vote for any office in the Primary Election on August 7, then the top two candidates for that office run in the runoff election on August 28. If you voted in the Republican Primary, you cannot vote in the Runoff. All other registered voters are eligible. This time voters will be making choices in one statewide race (State Auditor) two county wide races (Circuit Clerk and Tax Assessor), the southern district Justice Court Judge's race, and two Supervisor's races (1 and 3).

I recommend Mike Sumrall for State Auditor because he's definitely the most qualified. This is an important office. Don't forget that's who caught Binky embezzling funds. (Here is an interesting blog endorsing him.) For all but one of the other races, I think there are no bad choices.

However, the most important vote is the one for Circuit Clerk. For the sake of our county, please vote AGAINST Binky Vines and FOR Eddie Walker. I'll be checking the Natchez Democrat online to see what happens. If Binky wins, I might decide to stay in Vienna.


Anonymous said...

I heard Peter Rinaldi was going with you -- have fun

Anonymous said...

Admit it Casey, you voted for Binky before you left! Enjoy yourself in the progressive Land of Mozart!

Anonymous said...

This is funny. Be sure and read all the way down to the bottom of the page.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Peter Rinaldi or Binkey since Casey left for Vienna -

I think they all left together -
Election Day - I think we will have a new Circuit Clerk - turnout looks good so far - Might be good for Binkey - but I can't see anyway he can win. Even with Casey's vote.

Anonymous said...

Casey - I saw that Binkey was in Natchez yesterday - so I guess he is now off to Austria - with his $228,000

No sign of Peter though----

Casey Ann said...

YEAH - EDDIE!!!! Now I can come home - but not too soon.