Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Sunday's Natchez Democrat had a truly shocking Top of the Morning.

Dr Kenneth Stubbs, an internal medicine physician in Natchez, made a good case for increased funding for Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Natchez. He discussed the benefits provided to the community by the college.

"Almost all basic college courses in English, math, science and history are offered and credits may be earned toward an associate in arts to be applied towards a bachelor’s degree from one of our area’s four-year colleges or universities.
In addition, Co-Lin Natchez has a very busy Career and Technical Education Center offering training in a wide variety of potential career paths. These include several health related fields such as practical nursing, health care assistant, respiratory care practitioner, medical transcriptionist and medical records coding."
He elaborated on the benefits of the health care course offerings and pointed out that the need for health care providers is growing fast - and I might add that these jobs are well paid and generally come with benefits.

There's only one problem. The teaching facilities for these programs "are bursting at the seams", are taking space away from other much needed programs, and are spread out all over the campus providing logistics problems. It's obvious Co Lin Natchez needs a new health training facility, which will require increased funding from Adams County. Dr Stubbs strongly advocated for this facility, even though it will mean an increase in the taxes we pay.

So what is so shocking about this? Dr Stubbs is a pillar of the Republican Party in Adams County. Republicans cut taxes, not increase them. Republicans hate government programs and think the private section can always do everything better. So I am shocked to see this Republican stalwart push for a tax increase for a government program. Geez - he sounded like a Democrat!

However, he is absolutely correct. This is an excellent investment of our taxpayer dollars for many reasons. Dr Stubbs mentioned two:
  1. "You, your child, grandchild or other close relative or friend could more easily take advantage of a learning experience or job opportunity right here at home.

  2. Then, if your own health care needs arise, the qualified providers will more likely be available so your health care needs can also be met here at home."
But there are also economic reasons why this is such a good idea. Politicians are always saying we need jobs, and health care is a field begging for employees. We are always looking for new industries to come to our county, and one major reason they don't come is a lack of skills training in the community. As Dr Stubbs pointed out, having this new building would free space that could be used for a much in demand building trades program. When people and businesses consider relocating, one aspect they always consider is health care. We're doing well now, but we need to support our health care industry - or we may lose it.

Building this training facility is not just a "feel good" project - it is an "economic development" project. And I guarantee you it will do a lot more for our economic development than some of the lame ideas our City leaders have come up with - like casinos and condos.

Supervisors are running for election now. Before you vote, be sure you ask the candidates if they will support the funding for this facility.

If a Republican and a Democrat can agree wholeheartedly on a project, it's got to be a winner!


Anonymous said...

Excellent article--I had similar thoughts but just did not articulate them. Linda

Anonymous said...

Is this the manner in which you stereo type individuals? Just because someone considers themselve a Republican does not mean they are against every tax increase. Republican’s in general are financially conservative. In the working world that means they do not what money wasted. In the case of Co-Lin this tax increase will provide for new jobs within the Community. People will be encouraged to work rather than having a tax increase for welfare benefits or a bridge to nowhere.

Anonymous said...

I think Casey was just trying to be funny

Anonymous said...

Republicans are not against all tax increases, but they do want fiscal accountability, common sense and good judgment applied. Unlike the Democrats which want increase taxes for entitlement programs that even a 9th grade Adams County Public School student can see is a waste of taxpayers money.
Only someone as foolish as you can make make a political connection to Dr Stubbs editorial.
He is merely stating the importance of Co-Lin to this community and the benefits of it growing to provide an education in fields where it's graduates can go out and earn a living and not depend on wasteful Democratic entitlement programs or Socialist values to get them through life.
If you really knew Dr. Stubbs, you would know that he just sees a good educational opportunity for the future of this area, without his political leanings getting in the way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the majority of the annonymous postings thus far. Only a fool can link what Dr. Stubbs was noting as a valuable asset to this community with something as petty as political affiliation. You missed the big picture Casey. Republicans are for tax increases from which the revenues go towards education which inspires learning and a sense of self-helping as opposed to government programs designed to spend tax revenues on social programs designed to promote laziness and dependence.
Dr. Stubbs, is a respected individual, not because of his political affiliations, but becuase he is a hard-worker who believes in a good education. He knows that education is one of the most valuable assets a person can posses when striving to become a productive member of society.

Anonymous said...

I think we Republicans have become a group of racist bigots. In our belief that "revenues on social programs designed to promote laziness and dependence" we have failed to realize the importance of those programs, until we personally need them.

You see, we can't continue to cut out nose off to spite our faces. What we have all failed to realize too is, Dr. Stubbs is an extremely intelligent person. He knows that by helping others, his life will be richly rewarded.