Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Night 2008 at the Party

Of course, I have no idea what has happened nationally, so I start asking questions as soon as I arrive. I was told two great pieces of news. First, Elizabeth Dole lost in North Carolina. I was so happy to hear that, after that awful smear campaign she ran against her opponent at the end of the campaign. But Kay Hagan came back fighting and that's what it takes against those Republican attacks.

The next piece of good news I received was that Pennsylvania went for Obama. I've been studying the electoral map, and I knew there was no way McCain could win after losing PA, so I was thrilled. There were a few people at the party who agreed with me, but most refused to believe it. You have to understand that Democrats have come agonizingly close too often - and they refuse to hear good news.

I immediately set myself up with my laptop, where I could finally get an internet connection. I was supplementing the TV information with little nuggets of information available only over the internet. Like I was able to zero in on a map of any state and see how the counties were going. This was how we discovered that Adams County went big time for Obama! We were so proud! (Of course, this did not include the absentee ballots, which may be counted by Christmas - see previous article.) We also looked at the maps of other states - and at the Senate races.

When Ohio went for Obama, these Democrats were starting to get excited - they were starting to believe that maybe - just maybe - they were really going to win. There was some dead time here for a while, and people were getting nervous. Finally, Virginia went for Obama, and he was declared the winner. The place went crazy! People were screaming, hugging, crying, laughing. There was this air of disbelief. "We really did win this time, didn't we?" was repeated over and over.

I'm disappointed that Mississippi is still living in the dark ages and voted for Republicans. I was so hoping we could change our image with the rest of the country. Until regular, average Mississippi voters realize that Republicans do nothing for them, we'll continue to be the last in everything. How sad.

But on a positive note, thank goodness that the eight years of George Bush, undoubtedly the worse President our country has ever had, are finally almost over, and we won't have to suffer four more years of Republican rule. We will soon have a Democratic President who can repair our image in the world and start the herculean task of repairing the damage done to this country. Finally, there is hope.

My daughter, who is living in Europe with her family, may have something special to be grateful for. If McCain had won, I would have had to move in with her.



anne said...

Thanks for your remarks on newly elected Kay Hagan. I live in another small, historic, waterfront town (in NC-- and we worked hard to combat Liddy Dole's negative ads, of which 'godless' took the cake!
My interest in the Democratic party is keen altho I live in an area that is heavily Republican....more difficult to stand than my former resident in more Democrat-friendly Maryland.
Nice to see what goes on in other towns, and feel the liberal vibes.
Keep up the good work!!


Casey Ann said...

I also used to live in Maryland, and believe me, Mississippi is even more difficult than North Carolina. At least you're making progress. You have a Democratic Senator, and as I write this the Presidential is still undecided.

anne said...

That was quick, and thanks for letting me in the door!

We ARE making progress, as our newly elected governor, Beverly Perdue, is a Democrat, too (from my current hometown even!)

MSNBC says Obama leads McCain in North Carolina by some 12K votes, but we are still the only state in the 'gray' at this point. There must be much gnashing of theunreconstructed Southern teeth of judges named Bubba today.

Victory will be incredibly sweet, surely announced soon!!


Anonymous said...

I weep for the future of our great nation, as we are now at the mercy of liberal, hate- mongering, spend-all, government take care of you till you die, democrats.

Our Country was never founded with the intent of the gov't subsidizing its citizens. Yet that is what the democrats would have you believe.

Under Obama, the doors to the money vault will be open wide, and the greedy little welfare pigs will suckle like there is no tomorrow. No rich- no poor, no black- no white, no right - no wrong, everyone should be equal.

The Great Liberal Idea.

The have nots whine because they think they are deserving of what the rich folks got. Instead of handouts, they should be told to get out and find a job and quit belly-aching!

But it is much easier to sit in da welfare office moaning that you is due more. Or that you is disabled cause you is so fat. Or you got too many children to take care of.

Okay- get off your lazy butt, lose the welfare weight, quit having all these children that you KNEW you couldn't support and get to work!

It ain't the government's job to take care of you!

And as for our reputation! Our what??!!

The most generous and caring nation in the world that doles out billions in assistance to other countries that don't even say thank you!!?? Our reputation??!!

Amazing how some Englanders were commenting on how wonderful it was that America had elected a black prez, and how behind the times we had been.

Hey Lymies- I may have missed it- when did your country have a black prime minister? Or a racially diverse House of Commons? And England has a higher per capita of blacks than we do.

Sick of it all. The race card won it for him, period. Now all you liberals can sit back and "feel good" about electing a black prez.

And if everyone is so critical of Bush, remember- he's the one who we looked to and supported when 9/11 happened. Approval out the window, cheering, praying.

All glory is but fleeting, and how soon we forget.

Casey Ann said...

WOW, I never read so much ignorance in one place. I've got to feel sorry for this guy.

Snark said...

It is interesting that republicans seem to believe that a vote for Obama was a vote for big government.

The government is certainly more intrusive and expensive now than it was before the Bush administration. I know several people who normally vote republican on the basis of "small government" who simply threw up their hands and stayed home on election day.

Anonymous said...


You need not feel sorry for me. I know my convictions are right.

It is YOU and your like I feel sorry for. You are a hippy at heart.

AQnd I would gladly put my intelligence and ability to debate against you any day of the week.

You set yourself up as a self- appointed ( or even annointed) purveyor of the truth and justice.

All you have is a mis-guided opinion based on a lack of understanding of the REAL world, not Fantasyland.

I believe I will be like many others and dump your blog, as it does nothing for me except demonstrate the arrogance and ignorance in the liberal world.

It takes more than working in the library to validate your worth as a commentator on politics.

And I feel that your angry and be-littling retort to my post showed a typical liberal responce to criticism- you got personal and insulting.

I pity you.

Casey Ann said...

No one forces you to read this blog. It reflects my opinion. You are free to write your own - but you might want to clean up your spelling.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that Casey has done more in her life than work at the library. And, she's spent time in politcial circles in metropolitan areas and is very familiar with national politics and always has been.

Anonymous, don't weep. I assure you we are in good hands with Obama at the helm. I've seen, first-hand, the devastation that G.W. and his cronies have dumped on this country. I've been working out of state for the last two weeks, talking to the poorest of poor, folks in their 80's and 90's, even some "hippies". Some of them have long- held conservative ideals but are so eager for change and truly believe that Obama will bring that change. And, obviously, they and many like them voted for Barack Obama. Open your heart to his intelligence and wisdom, his ability to lead, and his genuine empathy for the disenfranchised, which by the way, happens to be a great many people and the numbers are growing daily.

Anonymous said...

Yes , it is your blog, as sad an pitiful as it may be.

As for my spelling, when I am in a hurry, I cannot worry about some things as spelling. I don't have the luxury of time that a library worker does. And if you want some good examples of spelling, read some Natchez High School postings on the Obama articles at the Democrat website.

It must be nice to always be right about politics and be able to sit in judgement of others from your lofty throne.

Be hap[py in the liberal, wacky, judgemental, arrogant, self-absorbed world you live in.

And if Obama doesn't produce like you want him to, then what?

You cannot rationalize with an irrational person, hence there is no talking to you, as you are bent on your liberal ways.

i used to agree with you on some of the issues facing this city, but you became more and more entrenched in your superiority and importance.

How come I never read of you helping with habitat for Humanity, or delivering meals for the Stewpot, or working with Sunshine Shelter? Or is all of your pandering about the woes of others all just lip service?

So I say good- bye to your liberal site. It appeals only to those liberals of like- mindedness. Ole conservative sam and others left some time ago. I just waited around to see if you would stop being so negative and personal in your attacks against Bush, and would go back to city affairs.

Which, by the way, our first- time black mayor ( whom I am sure you heralded in as a sign of changing times and inspiration) is gone. What did HE do for us??? NOTHING. I expect the same or worse from Barrack.

The only thing I can hope is that your beloved Hillary ( whom even I would have voted for) gets a good cabinet position and can act as a source of reason in his lunacy.

See you at the library. Just don't cop your superior attitude on me.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous 12:36" I hope not, but wonder if I hear racist overtones in your diatribe? If so, shame, shame on you! You should have grown up by now, gotten over differences related to skin color, religious choice, ethnicity. As we grow we learn that diversity is a beautiful thing. We embrace diversity for the beauty and interest it brings into our world. Those who refuse to accept differences in our fellow human beings will only be miserable in their own existence. Hate and anger will take so much from your life.