Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Educational Inadequacies

gritsisit said...

I wish our leaders would address the educational inadequacies in Natchez. When this was brought up at a city council meeting last year, I heard Joyce Arceneaux say "Natchez has a wonderful education system" and that was the end of the discussion. I've also heard that our ACT scores in Natchez were second to last in the country - after the city of Washington, D.C. Is that true? Does anyone know the facts?


Buddo said...

On good third person evidence I, Buddo, has heard that at Natchez High the algebra class didn't get through the 3rd chapter last YEAR.
Are we doing them a favor by retaining parents stupidity???
Buddo B. Retarded

Anonymous said...

Here is a current list of scores for our nation. Some states with higher scores only represent a small percent of the students. For instance,I think I saw it on 20/20 that Texas scores well because only students who can do well take the test. As for our state scores, I think our private schools play a important part.