Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Report on Meeting

I did not get on the Agenda for the Board of Aldermen today. You now have to make your request, in writing, the Wednesday before the meeting. I understand that rule has been around for a while, and they decided to start enforcing it. There were others in the audience who had the same problem I did. I'll let you know what I decide to do now.

The major items of interest today were the raises for police and firefighters. I believe what they said was $2700 across the board raises. The raises go into effect September 1, even though the fiscal year doesn't start until October 1. The employees of the Public Works Department got a $.50/hour raise, which was accomplished without increasing their budget. One person retired, they will not replace that person, and duties have been rearranged.

If you were at the meeting, please let us know (by Comment) if I forgot anything important.

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natchezcrabbe said...

It's about time that the people who protect us get a raise, much better than the men who sit around and blow smoke