Wednesday, October 17, 2007

OMG! I'm Supporting Another Republican!

(For the unhip: OMG is the netcentric abbreviation for "Oh, My God" generally used to express surprise.)

It is very difficult for this third generation Democrat to admit it, but I find myself supporting another Republican for Supervisor. It was bad enough when I confessed to supporting Republican Sammy Cauthen for Supervisor in District 1. But now I am publically proclaiming my support for Joe Eidt for Supervisor in District 2. The only defense I have is that these two Republicans seem to be more Democratic that their opponents.

I have never been fond of Henry Watts, who is the supposedly Democratic candidate for Supervisor in District 2. If you go to a meeting of the Board of Supervisors, you'll be sure to see him complaining about something. He is without a doubt the most negative person there. I don't remember him ever working cooperatively with the Board on anything. Can you think of anything Henry Watts has accomplished while he's been there? I can't. He doesn't want to spend money on anything and doesn't seem to understand that you sometimes have to make a financial investment in your County to get results. Another added benefit of getting rid of Henry would be the effect on The Unnamed Paper (the one they throw in your driveway that I refuse to call by name for fear of giving it credibility). Where will the Editor get his information about the County?

But I'm not just anti Henry. I really like Joe Eidt, and I'll give you a few reasons why. Look at his literature or his ads, and you'll see the word "Cooperation" emphasized. He understands that to get anything done, it is necessary for the Board members to work with each other - and further, the County needs to work together with the City.

I also like his background as a salesman, which our County needs - to sell its ideas to potential businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and the citizens themselves. And who has he sold to? Businesses, of all sizes and shapes - and for over 20 years. That's invaluable experience.

Joe Joe has spent years as a volunteer in recreation, which should be a major issue in our County for a while to come. Recreation is not just about a place for kids to play. Recreation is for adults as well. Perhaps, most importantly, it's an economic boon. (Check out this article.) Few people in our County recognize this, but Joe Joe does. He has the knowledge and experience to develop this potential, and the personality to sell it to everyone else. Unlike our Mayor who just announces one day that the City will spend a gazillion dollars on recreation starting with big consulting fee, Joe Joe knows that community involvement is key. He'll help us develop a cost effective plan we can all support. Then we'll see some action!

Join me in supporting the personable, energetic, visionary Joe Eidt for Supervisor for District 2, instead of the negative, whining, do nothing, Henry Watts.


Anonymous said...

you describe Joe Eidt as a salesman but how do we know if he is a good salesman? Henry might be negative but at least he questions the spending. Will Joe know how to do that or will he do that.We better be worrying about who the casinos are supporting. Does Joe sell to the Isle or do they support him? Interesting..

HopeSpringsATurtle said...

Hmm...I usually don't consider myself a yellow dog Dem, but it would seem that at the very least you could sned Mr Whiney-pants a link to this post to get him to reconsider his WATB outlook and see if he's willing to make any changes. Who knows, he might actually have something to be bitching about.

Anonymous said...

I just love your Blog, you and Peter Rinaldi are sooooo much alike.

Casey Ann said...


Anonymous said...

Joe Joe Free site at godaddy really impressed me. And yea the facts I read hear are not much different that Rinaldi's rag.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct about Watts asking questions.

The same ones over and over and over again.

Dementia,not paying attention, or the inability to comprehend virtually every subject discussed the first time around?

Anonymous said...

No wonder the "Natchez Enquirer's" facts ain't always factual.

Several months ago I asked Sammy Cauthen why he didn't rebut some of Rindaldi's barrage. He said "His opinions and lack of accuracy will catch up with him soon enough".

I would bet Rinaldi will do more research before he attacks Walter Brown again since Walter called his hand on the Lane deal and made him eat crow, in his own paper.
Looks like it is catching up with him.

Anonymous said...

Casey-I am a die-hard Republican and sometimes I too find myself crossing over and voting for the best person and not the party label.

Anonymous said...

Casey Darling,

Your favorite Sheriff is planing a run for congress --- for Chips seat -- If he is the Dem. candidate you might be continuing to vote Republican. I am not sure they want your vote though.
I am sorry I am supporting Henry as he does question overspending - and I will vote against Sammy as it is time he goes - I really think you would be hard pressed to show any thing he has actually done. Sadly I don't know Lazarus - I have heard a lot of negative comments about him - I hope though he does something.

I think though Sammy will win - this election has forced him to actually campaign, maybe it will be a wake up call. The Natchez Republican party fights dirty so I am sure not everything that is rumored about Lazarus is true.
I am not sure Henry will win - Edit is related to almost everyone and ones he is not related to he has other connections.
Peter Rinaldi sends his regards
(I am not PR!)

Anonymous said...

I don't think Walter Brown made Peter Rinaldi eat crow - Peter stated what he had been told by Lane - That was the truth - He is getting paid though the Jackson Law group he is connected to. Walter was/is working both sides,It looked bad so he threatened Miss Lou Magazine with a law suit, Peter published the Walter's letter with a thin apology (Much cheaper than fighting in court) - basically calling Walter a lier as Peter was told Walter was their attorney by the Lane Group (So he said that Lane must have been mistaken --- rather unlikely) Peter does make sure his stories are correct, and he has to fight powerful people, who try to put him out of business.
I don't always agree with him - or you - But I think you both have the right to voice your opinions.
The comments from the bloggers need to be taken lightly some may be accurate but many are just idle gossip or just plain malicious.

Anonymous said...

I am a Natchez Republican, and I would like for you to tell me one thing dirty that Natchez Republicans have done. I am not sure who put the comments about Lazarus on her but they are public record. Before someone talks about fiscal responsibility, they should make sure they have room to talk. Anyone affiliated with the party of Binky should not call the other side dirty. There are not even enough of us to do anything dirty.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11:47, I am a Democrat, so not usually one to back up Republicans. I don't have any idea about the inner workings of the local Republican party, although you and I both know that dirty politics happen in BOTH parties. Unfortunately, like death and taxes, it will probably always be.

What I do know is that a lot of what I've heard about Lazarus is 100% true. Plus, he has made an utter fool of himself on too many occasions to count during his campaigning. He has become visibly angry with at least three people in my neighborhood who he couldn't strong-arm into voting for him. When these people calmly expressed their support of Sammy, he became beligerant to the point that one of them told him flatly to "get lost".

Have you heard about his tirade at a local hair salon recently? I honestly question his mental state.

Anonymous said...

Tirade? Do tell, I haven't heard.

Anonymous said...

Casey, we can no longer be friends.

Anonymous said...

Who is your favorite sheriff? Ferrell? When he was still in office, I talked to him about a problem that was a county responsibility....he refused to help. When I pointed out the federal law that said it was a county responisbility this is what he said "Here in Adams County we have many kinds of law.,..there's federal law, state law, and "Ferrell law". "Ferrell law" suspercedes the others." Boss Hogg was alive and well in Natchez. He was no different from the city officials you hold in such high disdain.

Anonymous said...

The Lazarus tirade occured at Laird's Barber Shop

Anonymous said...

I am by no means an expert on this subject, however I am a registered voter in this county and I do have an opinion. I have not seen one thing that Henry Watts has accomplished since he's been in office. He does appear to have a negative attitude. He's talking about cutting the spending, lowering the taxes, etc. I feel that's not necessarily what this county needs. I see his sign claiming he has "bright ideas", but I have yet to hear of one. I'm tired of all of these empty promises these politicians make in their bids for office, only to be elected and do nothing. I am voting for Joe Eidt. He is a good salesman and I agree that it makes him the best man for this position. I think our community needs to address some major issues and I believe Joe will do that. I have faith that he will deliver what he promises. Please, people, think hard before you vote for Watts. Eidt is a much better candidate. We need some "fresh ideas"!

Anonymous said...

As a local mom, I can only say that I haven't seen anything positive Henry Watts has done in the past four years. Have you? He votes "no" on EVERYTHING!! Look at his record. Are we better off because he votes "no"? The entire world around us is moving forward. Industry is sprouting up in Tupelo, Hattiesburg, Meridian, Laurel, Ridgeland, the Gulf Coast, and everywhere in between. Is Natchez getting economically better because Henry Watts voted "no?" We need someone who can get in there and do what is BEST FOR US in the long run, not just now. I want my kids to be able to come back from college and work here, raise their kids here, and not just "survive" on low-paying jobs in Adams County. There is no reason on earth to turn away opportunities from Adams County... we need all we can get. My vote is for Joe Eidt. He has worked hard for over twenty years in various positions, including the Recreation Board, and I believe he can do the same for our county as a whole! It doesn't matter if he is a Democrat or a Republican! Why not make an intelligent decision based upon the "man" not the "party?"

As far as Lazarus, any one who knows him or has dealt with him in the past twenty years knows he is not the best candidate. Yes, Sammy Cauthen has been in the position for a long time, and it may be a good thing to get fresh ideas, but P- L -E- A- S- E DON'T MAKE THE MISTAKE OF voting for a change, just for the sake of change. Adams County has seen tooooooo much of that over the past ten years. Let's give Sammy a chance with Joe Eidt on the team. Together, with the other strong supervisors we have, they COULD REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We need a difference.