Saturday, October 13, 2007

Who Will Run the County for the Next Four Years?

Who will run the County for the next four years? That probably depends upon who wins the race for Supervisor for District 1. The leader of the County is basically the President of the Board of Supervisors. Darryl Grennell (District 4) currently serves as President, due to the votes of Boo Campbell (District 3) and Sammy Cauthen (District 1). However, if Mike Lazarus defeats Sammy Cauthen in November, he will vote for Henry Watts (District 2) for President, if Henry is reelected (more on that in another article).

Darryl Grennell has wide spread support across the county, and he was overwhelmingly reelected as Supervisor. One exception to that support is that free paper that is thrown unsolicited in our driveways. (I refuse to give it any credibility by giving its name.) It constantly and viciously attacks Darryl, as well as Sammy, and sometimes Boo. Of course, as I've noted in the past, that Unnamed Paper seems to have some allergy to the truth. Unfortunately, some people pay attention to what it says.

One of the Unnamed Paper's favorite issues is travel. It attacked Sammy Cauthen for his trip to Hollywood, making it sound like some kind of expensive vacation at county expense. However, movies are a great source of income, which is why Mississippi recently developed an incentive package for them. Sally Durkin, media liaison with Natchez Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, has been working tirelessly to recruit movies to this town, and her efforts are starting to show results. What could be more natural than the Board of Supervisors doing their part? Sammy Cauthen spent the grand sum total of $656.66 of County money on a trip to help with the recruitment - and spent over $1600 of his own money. After all, he has spent 23 years working with the motion picture industry and has connections. I personally think it was definitely worth the money.

But if you're like most of the rest of the county, you disagree with these attacks. If you want Darryl Grennell to continue as President, you'd better vote for Sammy Cauthen as Supervisor for District 1. But there are other reasons to vote for Sammy.

Sammy Cauthen is not a media hound, and he's not one to brag on his accomplishments. However, if you look at his record, you'll see he's been a good supervisor. It bothers me that the Unnamed Paper has portrayed Sammy as some sort of crook. If there's one thing you can say about Sammy, it's that he's a person of integrity. You and I may not agree with him on all issues, but we can depend on his doing what he thinks is the right thing to do for Adams County. Sammy is a Republican, and I'm a diehard liberal Democrat. So if I can support him, you know he's got to be the best choice.

I also am not fond of his Democratic opponent, Mike Lazarus. He makes much of his experience as a businessman. His literature says: "Mike knows what it takes to meet a budget and make ends meet. Mike will work to make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely." Sounds nice, but I don't believe it. If you go to the Circuit Clerk's website, and look up Lazarus under Judgments, you'll see a long list of them. Looks like maybe Mike didn't know "what it takes to meet a budget and make ends meet". I don't know about you, but I sure don't trust him to "make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely". (By the way, I also looked up Cauthen, and there was nothing there.) Mike Lazarus has some other drawbacks, but fiscal irresponsibility is enough to vote against him.


Anonymous said...

It is no wonder that Mr. Cauthen, an older man than Lazarus, is financially solvent, in part thanks to his decades-old job as supervisor. Lazarus is younger and hungrier and perhaps more ready to work creatively for the county. You have compared apples and oranges. (And, by the way, just what types of judgments were filed against Lazarus?) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I think Sammy Cauthen is very closed minded and he's from the school of good-ole-boy mentality. He is not doing what is best for Adams County, he will vote on what's best for his cronies and family. Several years ago he voted for a landfill to locate in Adams County which would've brought thousands of tons of garbage here to be buried. He bullied and threatened the group of Natchez residents that were fighting to prevent this atrocity. Grennell voted against it. Cauthen also voted for a plant which would have emitted a sulfur product which would've smelled like rotten eggs--throughout the entire coutny! He mocked the group that eventually prevented it. He is definitely unaware of environmental issues or simply does not care. This is the twenty first century, it's the green century, and it's time for a change.

Mike Lazarus is a decent, hard working, and honest man. He is aware that Natchez needs to grow in the right direction. That yes, we need growth, but we need to do it in the right way. We can't destroy what has made us a prime tourist desintation; we must build on this and we must enhance this if we want Natchez to maintain its charm and dignity.

I am voting for Mike Lazarus and hope you will join me. I like Grennell also and he's not going anywhere just because Lazarus beats out old and tired Cauthen. IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

Casey-You are so right about this one. Whether you like Sammy or not, Lazarus IS NOT a viable option in this race. Sammy's main problem is he doesn't run around and brag about what he has been able to accomplish. Lazarus is already trying to brag about his past, but as mentioned earlier, it's NOTHING to brag about. Hopefully Eidt wins too, and we can have the negative influence OFF of our Board.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 10/13 2:25 pm who wanted to know what kind of judgements were filed against Lazarus.
You can look them up yourself, but it's close to $150,000 to vendors and banks and for taxes.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 10/13/07 3:46

Tell us what exactly Sammy has voted for to benefit "cronies & family". Who are the "cronies"?

The "landfill with thousands of tons of garbage", AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO ADAMS COUNTY ALONG WITH MORE JOBS. These landfills that are monitored and supervised by MS Environmental Quality personnel monthly. Is this the "landfill" we're talking about here?

Please clarify "sulphur products & rotten eggs". First i've heard of that one.

Unaware of "environmental issues", not likely. Within his family is the first and oldest environmental company in the state of Mississippi thats still in operation today.

"Old & tired"? I'll take the wisdom of years over these yuppies any time, every time.

I didn't vote for Sammy four years ago, but he gets my vote THIS TIME, YEP, HE SURE DOES.

Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid that Mr. Unnamed Newspaper would lose his Board insider Watts (that has him on speed dial)in this election.

How could we live without all that half-ass erroneous information he puts out.

Somebody ain't payin attention up there obviously.

Whats sad is hearing some people actually quoting from "the Enquirer", golleeee.

Anonymous said...

This is all so true. Sammy Cauthen's years of experience and his connections are very valuable to Adams County. Watts is horrible and appears to be against everything - vote for Eidt. Lazarus brings nothing to the table except for trouble.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen Watts make any decisions except after the fact. The Prison for example. He and Spanky Wanky were opposed to it until someone told them it had become popular. Then he was pro-prison overnight.

Although he's quick to criticize all decisions made by the board. Maybe Rinaldi can get a better stooge after this election if Watts gets booted out, which he should since he talks such a good game even when he doesn't understand how to play it.

I hear Spanky was instrumental in getting U.S.Sustainable Energy located here (USSE). I heard that referred to as U.S. Scam Enterprises just yesterday. I think that pretty well describes it, from what I read.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Watts phobia over travel expenses is well founded by experience.

He travelled out of town and came back wearing an insurance collar.

He is simply looking after the well being of his fellow supervisors.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me you are "pro" Sammy, Casey. Didn't you support that Ferrell-funded candidate for Sheriff? Well, Sammy falls into the same category. I'm beginning to think you are a closet conservative.

Anonymous said...

What does Sammy Cauthen do for a living....does he have one besides being a supervisor? And what kind of Hollywood contacts is he supposed to have?

Anonymous said...

From his website:
*32 years with Highland Trucking & Equipment Company
*12 years with Southwest Oilfield Services
*9 years with Natchez Pallet Factory
*And was in the motion picture industry as Livestock Motion Picture Producer for 23 years

Anonymous said...

To Anon 9:13

Please elaborate on exactly how you figure that Sammy Cauthen and Charles Woods have anything REMOTELY in common? Now, Lazarus and Woods, possibly.

There is no one secretly funding Sammy, and he has no ulterior motives in running for re-election.

P.S. Thanks Casey, for a beautifully written article on Sammy. He rarely gets the recognition he richly deserves.

And, Can't wait to see your views on the Eidt/Watts race!!

Anonymous said...

U.S. Sustainable Energy? Our newest industry down there in "the park". I just heard John Revolting and the "Revolting Process" (of turning worthless stock into less worthless stock) is already packing up and moving his scam to Houston.

Anyone know anything about that?

Has anyone warned Houston?

Anonymous said...

Don't warn Houston.
Maybe he will take Henry and Spanky with him.

Anonymous said...

Airport gossip (he bought a B-29 or some such for a quick getaway) is, Rivera already lives in Houston. Must be more battered women and animal shelters over there for him to support, and I guess Vidalia wont be getting free green electricity whatever tht is.

His bodyguards were straight outa James Bond, black suits, dark glasses. Neither one could whip my wife, but theylooked cool.

Soon as I heard him make that statement about shelters in Vidalia i knew his bread never quite got done.

Anonymous said...


Did you hear anything about Mayor Phillip West, Supervisor Boo Campbell, and local minister Leroy White's attendance at the Haley Barbour Breakfast this morning at the Sports Hall of Fame museum in Jackson? I heard that they traveled on a local church bus to attend the breakfast in support of Haley Barbour's campaign for re-election. What a SHAME!!!!! A democratic mayor, supervisor, and minister supporting Haley Barbour. It is my understanding that they attended because the governor said he needed more blacks active in his campaign. So there you have it...., they use the black folk's church bus and take the black folk (Democrats I am sure) to the meeting for to support the REPUBLICAN governor.

Isn't this sad?

I understand that this took place today, October 16, 2007.

10/16/2007 4:59 PM

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 10/16, 4:59.

Whats so sad about "black folks" (Democrats) attending a Republican event?

Nobody told me if you are a democrat you "HAVE" to vote democratic in a general election. What would they do cancel your vote?

Maybe they found out the John Arthur Eaves law firm represented the "kluckers" in the sixties, and probably were one themselves.

Anonymous said...

I was there yesterday, and I did not see Philip West or Boo Campbell. I have seen our illustrious Mayor's name on the list of Eaves' financial contributions though. (about $650.00+/-)

Anonymous said...

wat's the big deal about Demoracts coming out in support of Republicans? Isn't that what Casey is doing supporting Sammy and JoJo? She has a right to vote for whoever she wants, regardless of party. I personally will not vote for either of these clowns for governor...

Anonymous said...

what the heck is a livesock movie producer?!!! Does that mean he supplied livestock for scenes? I have contacts in the movie business who had never heard of that title.

Anonymous said...

livestock...not livesock- sorry!

Anonymous said...

"A livestock movie producer", provides and manages the livestock in a motion picture, horses, mules, goats, chickens, etc.

Their responsibility is the behaviour and control of livestock on a movie set like the Director manages the actor/actresses.

This info comes from Butch Chaney who worked with Sammy on the last movie a year or so ago in New Orleans starring Robert Duval.

Anonymous said...

10/18/07, 10:16 Maybe your contacts in the movie business only do girlie movies. (XXX).

Anonymous said...

Regarding the bus trip to Barbour's event and needing "more blacks in attendance". The church bus? If this is true it points to the fact that the black vote is courted even on the state level. Have always heard it happens locally. And, not just courted but PAID for the vote! The way I understand it the ministers are given a big sum of cash and the pulpit becomes the political bullhorn. It would be great if someone stepped up to the plate who deserved the good will of the black community and I think that's what the previous comment suggested. Barbour isn't interested in what happens to our state's racial inequality issues.

Anonymous said...

A Livestock Movie Producer!? That is hysterical! I'd love to know how often his services have been needed and exactly what they are.

Yes, I'm sure his family does have a trucking business, the same one that was going to transport the trash in and out of Adams county if the landfill, taking trash from all over the country, had located here.

If you don't know about the sulfur oxide plant that attempted to locate here, then you don't keep up with environmental protection and news within our county.

Anonymous said...

Sulphur Oxide Plant? Jeeez,

I'd bet your septic tank is leaking, Mr./Ms Greenpeace.

natz143 said...

Wasn't Sammy all in favor of that sulphur plant that everybody had a fit about? Personally, I don't want to see Natchez turned into another Lake Charles...the smell is TERRIBLE!!! As far as his "experience" as a wrangler for the movie business goes, that is a joke!!! My family has a nephew who is a vice president a major studio in Hollywood and he laughed when I said he was a wrangler.....said that has zero credibility with the money-makers in his PLEASE quit using that as a Sammy-selling point Casey!! You don't know what you're talking about.