Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Internet Makes This a Small World

This is a followup of sorts to my post about being an online ambassador for Natchez. Today I ran across an alert for someone visiting Natchez. When I clicked on it, I was taken to Southern Lagniappe - a blog by an unbelievable photographer from Vicksburg. She also has another site with nothing but photographs, which are the most beautiful photographs of Mississippi I have ever seen. I emailed her to tell her how impressed I was. I also posted a link to her photographs on my facebook page. They were a big hit - several of my friends posted them to their pages. Interestingly, while I was singing her praises, she was here in Natchez visiting for the day.

While I was checking out her blog, I noticed that one of her favorite blogs was Merisi's Vienna for Beginners. Those who know me know that my daughter and her family live in Vienna. I have visited that city a few times, and now I love all things Vienna. So of course, I had to go to this blog. More awesome photographs - with poetic snippets of text. They've been appropriately described as "virtual postcards from Vienna". The text for this picture is
Falling in Love
with lavender
in the midst
of a winter storm

In the gardens of
Palais Liechtenstein
8 January 2010
I've emailed and "talked" with this artist as well. Of course, I'm putting my family in touch with her, since she's obviously a fascinating person.

The photographs for both of these sites are copyrighted, and I have copied them with the artists' permissions.

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Merisi said...

Good morning from Vienna!

I don't know how to thank you adequately for your kind words about my blog. I feel truly honored, thank you so much! Maybe we can have a coffee somewhere in Vienne when you next visit?

The world is small indeed: Southern Lagniappe is one of my favorite blogs and - to close to circle - would you believe that just yesterday I commented there about a certain visitor from Natchez?

I came upon the world of blogging by sheer accident: Not wanting to stuff my friends' mailboxes with my daily photo updates from Vienna, I decided to put the pictures on a blog instead (with the help of my oldest, I was not even able to upload pictures back then!). I have had my doubts and trials over the four years I have continued to post a daily blog, but with the encouragement of generously kind visitors like you I have managed to stay the course. I shall be in debt forever with all you kind souls out there!

Thank you again and to many more visits here and there in the future,

My blog is but an artistic outlet for me, most days the product of spur of the moment ideas about how to use my most rencent images. I usually start out with a picture or two, but what really gets published is more often than not entirely different from what I set out to do. I cherish the days when I can give my blog a bit more attention, usually I just have the time to show up and put online whatever the amount of time available allows me.