Saturday, January 02, 2010

Technology Redeems the Decade from Hell

As I lamented in my previous post, this past decade was mostly a disaster. However, in technology, there were tons of positive developments. We have come so far in ten years that it's hard to imagine. And the best part? It keeps getting cheaper - and thus more available to more people.

In no particular order, here are some of the amazing technological ideas that appeared during the first decade of this century, along with my prediction for the next decade. If I left off your favorite, add it in the comments.
  • Although I detest Steve Jobs as a human being, I must give him credit for two of the biggest tech gadgets: the IPod and the accompanying ITunes Store - and the IPhone. Both were revolutionary.
My 2020 prediction: Apple will lose its innovative edge following the death of Jobs.
  • Although I don't own a TV, I know enough to see that the advent of the DVR totally changed television behavior. Unfortunately, it didn't cause it to decrease - Americans watch an average of 150 hours a month. And we wonder why we're so obese!
My 2020 prediction: TVs will cease to exist as a separate piece of equipment. It will be combined into whatever form the computer is taking and all content will be wireless.
  • The bulky TV and monitor disappeared and brought us LCD. At least TVs don't have to take over people's living rooms anymore - something that always grossed me out.
My 2020 prediction: I have no ideas here, but I'm sure they'll come up with something to make us spend money on.
  • Guys who would never ask for directions don't need to anymore - they all have GPS. Sort of removes the "I got lost" excuse.
My 2020 prediction: GPS is just getting started. Merged with mapping and photos, it will really take over our lives, and we won't be able to live without it.
  • Video games have exploded - and I have not participated.
My 2020 prediction: Soon we won't have real lives anymore - it will all take place in the virtual world.
  • Flash Drives have become so cheap that we can carry our world in our pocket with us.
My 2020 prediction: The next big transformative invention is a long lasting, cheap battery.
  • Facebook has taken over the world - and most importantly brought non techie types and old folks on board. It led to Twitter which helped to forment a revolution in Iran - and forced politicians to communicate with their constituents.
My 2020 prediction: Facebook and Twitter may not be here, but another form of social networking will take its place.
  • The Flip Camcorder lets anyone be a videographer - and even become famous if your video goes viral on YouTube.
 My 2020 prediction: All this stuff - phone, camera, video, etc - will be in one gadget and be SO much faster and better - and at the same time, smaller and lighter.
  • Wikipedia provides amazingly reliable knowledge on just about anything.
My 2020 prediction: Wikipedia will still be here - only bigger and better.
  •  Google has provided us with incredible search, the first good online email, online programs for what everyday people need, great mapping with pictures, blogging software anyone can use, and now a new phone. And, they made it all available for free without intrusive advertise. Amazing!
My 2020 prediction: Google will take over the world - Apple and Microsoft will go the way of Netscape. I also predict they will maintain their philosophy that will keep them from becoming an evil enterprise.
Ain't technology fun? If you don't think so, you're in for some tough times.


Elizabeth said...

A new tradition! Casey Ann's New Year's Predictions. I love them.

Casey Ann said...

But only every decade. Hope I'm still around to see if they come true.

Elizabeth said...

Sure you'll be around! Don't even say stuff like that. I'm going to knock on wood right now.