Monday, January 18, 2010

What the Hell Is Going On?

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the most liberal state in the union is going to elect to the US Senate a teabagger created empty suit, Scott Brown, whose only claim to fame is posing nude for Cosmopolitan several years ago. Why is this happening?

People will try to blame the Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley. Don't you believe it! Women always get blamed when men make a mess. But we're not going to let them get away with it this time. She is the State's Attorney General, for goodness sake. She's smart, credible, and experienced. What more could you want? She's not perfect, but she's pretty damned close. And a hell of a lot more perfect than her opponent!

Something is happening in this country, and it is not pretty. I don't blame the teabaggers. They're ignorant and illiterate - you can tell by reading their signs. They believe every thing Rush Limbaugh tells them. I can even understand the Wall Street Republicans. They just want their money and the hell with the rest of us.

No, the real problem is with the moderates/liberals - be they Democrats or independents - and MA is full of them. They're mad at Obama and the Democrats they elected to Congress. They've been there a year. Why haven't they gotten out of Iraq and Afghanistan? Why haven't they passed a perfect health care bill?  Why haven't they punished/tortured Wall Street? Why haven't they cured the economy?  And on and on, ad nauseum.

So what are they going to do about this? They're so brilliant. They're going to send the Republicans their 41st vote, so that Obama and the Democratic Congress will not be able to do anything at all. That'll teach them!

I would say that MA deserves everything that will happen to them after their vote - except for the fact that they've screwed the rest of us, too. They're going to regret what they've done - just like Connecticut regrets voting for Joe Lieberman. But in the meantime, they may have succeeded in destroying the country. Fortunately, I have an up to date passport.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for a passionate post. It is so disheartening to think this is going to happen.

Art Vandalay said...
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Art Vandalay said...

Seriously, Teabaggers? First off, what is the obsession with liberals and that word??? That is disgusting. Second, that is an insult to our forefathers of who dumped tea (because of taxes) into the harbor hence the name and historic launch into our independence coined the "Boston Tea Party." Apparently you love listening to Rachel Maddow and Keith Oberman. They loooovvvee using that term.

Your name calling and childish behavior is right on par with all other democrats. You follow your parties line same as Republicans, there's no difference there. Republicans don't follow Rush, we are like minded which is why we listen to him. You have MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Comedy Channel, CNN, Hollywood, etc, etc,. We have fox news and talk radio, that's it. I'd say we are a bit outnumbered. The "sheep" on the Democratic side have a lot more shepherds than the Republicans do. That's about it.

Running Cloud said...

There are, sadly, sexist overtones in your defense of Coakley's campaign. Attempting to reduce criticism of it to a gender equation is akin to branding critics of Israel's land-grabbing policies as anti-Semites or labeling as racists people who criticize Jesse Jackson's self-enrichment by extorting corporations with threats of racial troubles.

The fact is, Coakley ran a pathetic campaign. There is broad consensus on this. She made basic political mistakes: she assumed victory -- her Caribbean vacation in late December illustrates this attitude -- and she failed to mingle and shake voters' hands. Even Ted Kennedy at the height of his popularity never forgot the need to hit the streets and tell people, "I need your vote."

Yes, the disaffection among independents and some Democrats was the major factor in this election. We can't be certain whether a perfect Coakley campaign could have overcome this hurdle. But that doesn't excuse her lousy campaign.