Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Online Ambassador for Natchez

I decided today that I serve as an unpaid Online Ambassador for Natchez - and I'm not the only one. So you may be wondering what in the world is that?

I'm a great believer in Google Alerts. I subscribe to one for Natchez. Every day, I receive by email a list of all the places on the internet that the word "Natchez" appeared that day. I read quite a few of them. If Natchez is in the news or there's an especially interesting article, I share that on facebook.

But what I really look for are people who have visited Natchez or are planning a visit - and are writing about it on their blog. I will usually leave a comment there. I thank them for coming and encourage them to come again. I may suggest other things to do here on their next visit - based on what I've just read about them. If they have given incorrect information, I politely correct them. If their visit included something they didn't like, I apologize to them - and give suggestions for avoiding that situation. I encourage them to contact me if they have any questions.

People are invariably impressed with the fact that I do this - and I'm not paid for it. They like that I love Natchez so much that I make time to leave a comment. It definitely gives them a positive impression of our city. I also get to know some interesting people. Today I "met" a librarian who is the Director of Digital Projects at the University of Houston, and she offered me some suggestions for the pitiful attempts at digital projects at our Library.

I'm not the only person who does this. I know for a fact that Elodie Pritchartt does it, too, because I see her comments on the blogs. Two ambassadors - now people are really impressed! There may be others that I'm not aware of. Maybe you want to do it as well.


Michele said...

Your attempts at digital projects is not in the least bit pitiful. You are further along then most cities your size and you are innovative and will to try new things. I applaud you!

I was very impressed by your ambassadorship and plan a trip back to Natchez just so we can meet up.

Best to you and your fair city. Michele

Elizabeth said...

Three cheers for our Natchez ambassador! Keep up the good work.

Elizabeth said...

Casey Ann, I thought of you when my friend in Paris called me tonight. She was at a dinner with Parisian intellectuals last night, and they were trying to decide what the best English accent must be -- one diner said it had to be the Queen of England for her crisp clear pronunciation. My friend said, "Oh no! The most beautiful English is spoken by people from Natchez, Mississippi." (she loves the way I talk.) She advised the table to go to Natchez and let someone speak English to them & then they'd realize who spoke the most beautiful English.