Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Blog Is No More

This blog and all my local political activities will cease because of the adverse effect on the Library, where I am employed part time.

UPDATE: Hopefully others will take over the blog. Keep checking.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying that someone in City Hall threatened your job?

I suppose you can't answer that.

Anonymous said...

What's the reason for this? What are the adverse affects on the library?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Casey that's terrible. I'm so sorry.

DietLysol said...

Absolutely brilliant strategic move, Casey! You will surely be interviewed by the Democrat now. I hope you get that Massey fellow in the crosshairs when you run for alderman after the months of publicity you will be getting. A groundswell of support will come from the grass roots who actually vote and many who do not.

Hey, it could happen. Think about it. I'll vote for you. And I dislike all humans pretty much.

natchezcrabbe said...

Hey, is this a third world country where your ideas affect your job.What does the fact that you work at the library have to do with politics. I am angry

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am sorry too! Sounds like someone with money is making it difficult. I enjoyed hearing your side of things and I think it is important to hear all sides.

Anonymous said...

Casey, This is worse than Nazi Germany! Everyone in the business community will soon be shaking in their boots for fear of repercussions if they express themselves. And anyone who has a political or government position will get fired for exercising their constitutional right to free expression. This is the very reason those of us who sign ourselves "anonymous" have to do so. You were our only voice. Thank you for being so courageous for so long. Can't you get another brave soul to take it over? Better still, can't you resign and find a better job than working for these bureaucratic nincompops?

Anonymous said...

As for what the library has to do with her political activities, it is a simple fact of being perceived as "biting the hand that feeds you". A sizeable portion of library funding comes through the city.

Anonymous said...


I understand your position. As a LONG TIME city employee I have previously put my families security of the future at odds and am paying for it now. The incompetence, favoritism and plain out jealosy of some of our leaders is so unknown to the general public. Thanks for what you have done.

Anonymous said...

The previous comment should have been signed.


Anonymous said...

Everyone should have something that they will fight for.


You have every right to continue to express yourself on the blog. This is America. If you were threatened by the City for you activity, you should document this.

This sounds like harassment and intimidation in the workplace. EEOC does not like this. You should look into this situation and handle your business accordingly.

You have much more to offer this city at the library than it has to offer you.

Natchez is so full of ignorance until it is pathetic.

This city has reached the pits of hell and it is burning like paper soaked in gasoline.

Anonymous said...

What you are doing is too important to give up. I don't understand how what you do outside of the library, on your own time, has anything to do with funding for the library. We all are entitled to Freedom Of Speech. I think that these small town politicians are upset because you are exposing them for what they are and what they are doing; exposing the disregard for law and rules; exposing their personal frailities that affect their performance as government leaders; exposing the fact that they meet in secret and make decisions based on what benefits them and not the people of Natchez. Thru your blog we can now keep up with all of the deceptions; the smoke and mirrors of decisions made by our Mayor and Alderman and they don't like it.
They can't hide anymore and I'm sure it scares them to know they are being exposed. I believe they know that there is a movement of those of us who are readers of your blog; a movement that will speak their voice at the polls in 2008. Their days are numbered.
Casey, please keep up the work of
this very important blog and also consider running for office. I don't always agree with you politically but I know that you follow the law and would do your best for Natchez without the thought of personal gain.

Anonymous said...

i would believe it. i am also a city employee & i am not putting my name on anything that the mayor or boa could see or read. they are very vindictive & will threaten your job to shut you up.


Anonymous said...

give em hell!!