Friday, February 09, 2007

What now?

When the issue of the Pecan Factory rose(and heated) up I didn't get mentally involved because it was one of those things covered by:
LAWS and
My Lord what's the point in ME deciding what's right. I'll just wait for the process to work its way through and live with the results.

WELL - sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.

The City (Mayor) has:
1. Snubbed the State Legislature by violating the State Antiquities Act.
2. Snubbed the State Attorney General by directly defying the injunction issued while the Pecan Factory was being demolished
3. Snubbed the Miss. Supreme Court by destroying a property that is at the heart of a legal matter that is currently before the Court!
4. Snubbed the Miss Dept of Archives and History by not even attempting to get a permit and by TEARING THE THING DOWN WHILE THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF ARCHIVES AND HISTORY (HANK HOLMES) was in Natchez for the History Conference.
5. Snubbed the Historic Natchez Foundation by tearing down a official state LANDMARK BUILDING in Natchez during the annual meeting and conference of the Historic Natchez Foundation (attended by preservation professionals from coast to coast). This is a time when the HNF is supposed “shine” and show off Natchez for the world.
Check out the Radio interview with West: WQNZ-FM 95Country - The South's Country Giant
Mayor Philip West: ”Many people are going into the facility, they are taking things out of the facility, they are playing in the facility, doing all kinds of things because of the nature of where it’s located on the bluff. If somebody gets hurt, then either the city or the developer or a combination of both would be liable. And there was no need to allow that sort of situation to exist. That’s why I issued the executive order yesterday.” As for the landmark status of the site, West says that what is protected as a landmark is the land, not the building, and therefore no law had been broken.
Why doesn’t he know this?
Did he just “forget?”


farview said...

What is the difference between the recent car vandals and Mayor West? Mayor West braggs about it.

Anonymous said...

Why was I the only one that knew the Mayor and Alderman were dishonest and "CROOKED" and not just "ignorant" as so many wanted to believe. When I expressed my outrage at their wanton disregard for the legal process they tried to arrest me!

Dear Law Enforcement-- it is time to arrest the real theives in town. They can't claim ignorance anymore!!!

Let's face it every politician in MS is too afraid to face the wrath of Butch Brown--head of MDOT and self-professed Natchez ARISTOCRACY. He is powerful. Worley's not a fool in picking a teammate. Funding for roads and trails has been allegedly threatened behind closed doors.

Butch is right, this is not Democracy, this is Aristocracy. I am tired of being treated like some Lord's Fuedal Serf. Time to leave that slave-owner mentality behind and join the 21st century Natchez.

Anonymous said...

When and where did Butch Brown "self-profess" Natchez Aristocracy?

Anonymous said...

The building was dangerous? What a pile of bull! It's been there for years. Why all of a sudden is it dangerous? Why not follow procedures for demolishing buildings? Is this the most dangerous site in the city?

Here's a joke: How can you tell when the Mayor is lying? His lips are moving.

Anonymous said...

We all know that Mayor West broke
the law by tearing down the
Pecan Factory. So, when he is
going to be charged? Does he
get arrested for this? Who initiates it? If so, what is Law
Enforcement waiting for?

I'm tired of this guy doing whatever he wants. How do we stop this fool? My husband and I are
willing to donate money towards a
legal fund to prosecute. Please
give us specifics on where to send money to support the cause to stop
this self serving, arrogant, and
useless mayor.

Anonymous said...

If the Pecan Factory was dangerous, then I guess the entire 200 block of Martin Luther King will be demolished. Not to mention all of the abandoned houses throughout the city. I want to see him execute an executive order for this.

This man that you all call the mayor is just plain stupid. We can help ignorace through education. For stupidity there is no remedy. He's stuck on stupid.

Then again, what more can one expect from an Alcorn drop-out. Oops. I forgot he was expelled for stealing a test.

He's always been an thief.

Anonymous said...

Newspaper Poll: Please submit your opinion on the Mayors action yesterday :

Anonymous said...

Over and over, I read about the budget crisis, the hiring of shady characters like the former city planner, the back-room dealings with mysterious groups like Expect a Miracle.

I read and hear about the complete disarray that the planning department is in. Applications are lost. Minutes are non-existent or illegible. And so on and on.

All the while the city -- with no budget or plan in place - forged ahead and sold priceless public lands to private developers?

People - there's no plan! There's no budget! There's no future but more of the same.

I witnessed the city council meeting where these clowns UNANIMOUSLY voted to overturn a generation of preservation and new construction ordinances, without regard for the consequences (loss of funding) and without regard for DUE PROCESS. And this was being done WITHOUT A COMPREHENSIVE PLAN IS PLACE. It was being done just to satisfy one developer and one project.

We've stood around with our mouths gaping open long enough! Now it's time to get over the paralytic shock of just how unqualified this Mayor and these aldermen are to run a city!

At the very least, Mayor West has proven himself to be a poor manager. A little business experience goes a long way when trying to run a city!

Yes - WE ELECTED THEM. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE. Maybe next time we'll be wiser, smarter, better voters and citizens.

BUT IN THE MEANTIME, what are the steps for getting these people out of office?

The budget situation and the management crisis at City Hall seems to be indictment enough for running this mayor out of office.

And now his has actually broken the law? Torn down the Pecan Factory in blatant violation of the state law and orders from the STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL!!!!

Can we at least call for his resignation?

Anonymous said...




A pile of rubble and metal and glass - just a mountain waiting to be conquered by neighborhood children.

Already, people have been over there with pick up trucks loading up the bricks and remnants. Crawling over the mountainous rubble.

Who is liable if one of these solid citizens -- or a child -- gets injured?

Worley-Brown? The City?

Who will pay?

The taxpayers. That's who.

And pray it's not your child who falls in the creviced cistern or is injured by playing king of the mountain (imitating Phillip West) in the rubble!

More tragedy awaits.

Anonymous said...

Worley-Brown should demand that the city clean up its mess.

Of course, Worley-Brown says they did not grant permission for the city to enter the property and illegally demolish the building and they knew nothing about it advance.

Now that the building is demolished, it is outrageous for the city to have not only willingly CREATED this public hazard, but to allow it to continue.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Over and over, I read about the budget crisis, the hiring of shady characters like the former city planner, the back-room dealings with mysterious groups like Expect a Miracle.

I read and hear about the complete disarray that the planning department is in. Applications are lost. Minutes are non-existent or illegible. And so on and on.

It is ironic that you mention the former city planner. I think that guy got a raw deal here in Natchez. I think the city came after him just like what Casey is experiencing at the library. I think the guy did what the codes said and because of that he was run out of town.

Do you think the city ever really gave him a chance? I saw him at an event in the Hattiesburg area recently and he had helped to bring a $12 million facility to that area to help with the housing rebuild.

I think he was really intelligent and that he was attacked from day one by a lot of people. Just my thoughts on that issue.

Anonymous said...

This mess reminds me of the Margaret Martin Band Hall. For years Archives and History had begged the City to make some minimal but necessary repairs to save that cute little, historic building. A prominent, local architect, wrote a letter imploring the City to save it; he included an estimate for the repairs. Well, of course, this City Council ignored the little building and let it implode on itself and ended up spending more on the asbestos cleanup than it would have cost to save the thing. By the way, did West have an enviornmental study done before demolition? Your guess? It's common speculation that Krause gave it over to the City to avoid the liability of the environmental hazards present on that site. And there's that huge, gaping hole (cistern) in the ground back there filled up with water. How did the city demolition crew handle that? Talk about a hazard! Anyone else would have insisted on an orderly demolition with some effort to salvage good material. Not these guys. Just shove it down and get out of town. Doesn't this remind you of the way they do things in thirld-world countries? Looks like it. I feel badly for the business across the street and those who live in the area. They may be looking at a real eyesore and public nuisance for a long while. And if there was any question about the public hazard before West's made me a believer now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Bucket" has huge balls

Anonymous said...

We are living in the throes of the "wild, wild WEST" (pun intended)

Now is the time to rid our city of eyesores -- without due process, without notice to the owners, without a permit.

It doesn't matter if the building is privately owned or publicly owned or an official State Landmark.

Just call Mayor West and tell him that it is hazardous. Say something about how you've seen kids poking around over there.

Here's a short list of properties that we can get rid of NOW:

- the historic First Baptist Church
- the historic Ritz Theater
- the historic Lombardo building. The new owners intend to renovate it, but not if West can knock it down first. It would make a great parking lot for the casino traffic at Roth Hill.
- come to think of it, the federal post office would be a good parking lot too. And it's really an ugly building -- an eye sore in it's own way. Knock it down and bring in the asphalt!
- commerical properties on MLK between Franklin and Jefferson - privately owned and slated for renovation, but who cares?
- many, many of the residences in the large neighborhood near Natchez College (between Madison and MLK). They are probably hazardous to the people who live there. This is one of our poorest, most underserved communities. So maybe Mayor West can help them out by KNOCKING DOWN THEIR HOMES. (With a good attorney, a few of the residents might be able to collect millions in damages from the city/city taxpayers. This would be a good way to force a redistribution of wealth and since it's against the law, it should be attractive to our Mayor and the City Council leaders.)
- the historic Victorian house owned by the Mayor's sister at 713 N. Union (for sale by owner) but it will probably fall down first.
- Herold and Miller Warehouse (for sale). The descendants/owners live out of town so no one needs to tell them. It's next door to some pristine historic showplaces and the city auditorium. Should probably just knock it down.

The opportunities are endless! Please add to the list.


Anonymous said...

If you are upset over Mayor West's actions, please immediately write to: Attorney General Jim Hood, P. O. Box 220, Jackson, MS 30205, FAX: (601) 359-3706, Phone: (601) 359-3680.

Anonymous said...

Answer to 4:36p.m.'s question:

Butch pronounced himself to be "Natchez Aristocracy" in public at a downtown restaurant. Maybe those present at the time will care to comment directly. I was told Butch had been drinking over dinner. Drunk men tell no tales...

I would like to know more about Butch threatening to pull funding for the Bluff Trails Project and our Natchez streets. If that rumor is true, the FBI should investigate as it involves Federal monies.

Anonymous said...

Please fax your letters immediately to both the AG and the State Dept of Arcvhies and History. Reportedy. Mayor West has been bragging that he is untouchable because he has supporters in high places.

Mississippi Department of Archives and History
P. O. Box 571
Jackson, Mississippi 39205-0571
FAX: 601.576.6975
Executive Officer: H. T. Holmes
Historic Preservation: 601.576.6940
Ken P'Pool:

Attorney General Jim Hood
P. O. Box 220
Jackson, Mississippi 39205
FAX: 601.359.3796

Anonymous said...

Phillip West has consistently violated to laws of this city since the day he took office. He took an oath to uphold the laws of this city and this state. He has not done that.


Anonymous said...

It is way too late in the game to be talking about a recall petition. He's only got a little over a year left in office. The expenses of a recall and the required special election if it was successful simply wouldn't be worth it to the taxpayers. It would be a far better idea to spend the time looking for a VIABLE candidate to oppose him, and building a war chest for the election. And by viable candidate I don't mean some of the aging hippies who appear to be doing a great deal of the posting on here.