Sunday, February 18, 2007

You gotta do the right thing

I received an email from a reader and thought it would be worth sharing:

"(Received) The Democrat should not waste printer ink on this story. Phillip West will not be charged because no jury will convict him. The prosecutor would be wasting his time, and he knows it.

(Reply)If you believe in the "system", as I do, you run the string all the way out regardless of what miscarriage of justice may result. You must follow the rules.
Sometimes the "people's" wisdom amazes you.
The folks in the DA's office are paid by the month not the hour.
The Democrat buys their ink by the barrel. is FREE.
What a wonderful world. "


Marsha C said...

Good points, John. If we don't try, it certainly won't happen. It's good to see some positive thought -- and signs of hope -- on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I agree! It is critical that this illegal act is addressed. Otherwise, we are setting a precedent for future abuse.
I too am disappointed in our "system" but have hope judical justice will reign.

NatchezWorker said...

I agree with anon 2/18/2007 11:28 AM (wish you folks would get a real 'nick').
I believe that letting ANYONE get away with ignoring proper procedures (in this case, apparrently breaking the law) will only lead to problems for future administrations to overcome.