Friday, February 09, 2007

I remember

I'm going to bore you with the following because in the midst of thinking about a post re: The Pecan Factory a missive arrived "over the (email) transom" that said it better than I could. I've replied to the sender and asked if I could use it as sent (anon of course). So while waiting I remembered something I think quite apropos.

In the mid 50's most every college had a clever guy who played the piano and sang ribald songs (he wrote). Sometimes they were so good records were released by major companies. I remember one in particular (well part of one anyway). In the middle he stopped singing and broke into a spoken bit (with an affected east European accent) that went something like this:
"I am never forget the day I am fierst meet the great Lofachesky
in one word he is teaching me the secret of success in academics (pause) plagiarize"
Then going back to singing:
"Plagiarize let no one Else's work evade your eyes
remember why the Good Lord made your eyes
but plagiarize - plagiarize - plagiarize"
Back to spoken:
"But remember please always to call it (pause) RESEARCH"

So, I'll be looking for your help. When something good comes in I'll plagiarize (and sanitize for your anon if you wish). I'll call it research.


DietLysol said...

I'm guessing that football and radios weren't allowed on campus in the 1950s.

Somehow, I don't think his tune would have made it very far on "You Tube."

Thank God for all the hippies of the sixties who made my 1980s college years much more enjoyable.

That was ten of the most boring songs I've ever heard.

John Saleeby said...

GeeWhiz WE thought it was keen
Some might have said 23skidoo