Thursday, February 08, 2007

The second team is in

Let's win one for the Gipper.
I don't have many contacts and don't get around a lot. But, I've put my email address on my Profile so if you've got anything you want to see brought up just let me know.

Oh, just one thing I don't care (in a public way) what folks do with their personal life. I get fired up about what public people do in meeting their public obligations. Outside of that, let're rip.



natchezcrabbe said...

Hopefully you and Lady Bug Will keep this blog going. There needs to be a place to express opinion on our area. There seems to be only one person on the DEMOCRAT who dares to offer a criticism. The paper did publish that the Pecan Factory was demolished illegally,

Anonymous said...

Ben Hillyer's editorial is HEROIC and ON TARGET.

The Mayor violated state law and directly defied an order to cease and desist the demolition that was issued by the State Attorney General.

I'm afraid this action by our mayor is going to land him in jail.

I wonder what type of pressure he must have been under from the developers - Larry Brown and Ed Worley -- to have taken on such personal risk and martyred himself.

His political career is over.

Anonymous said...

His political career is not over, as long as people vote color, not
qualifications, standards or ethics.