Thursday, February 01, 2007

City to Citizens: Shut Up!

We all know our Mayor and Board of Aldermen don't like to hear from the citizens - they seem to forget we are also voters. They NEVER ask for our input on any issues. The only way we can express our opinions about anything is in the part of the Agenda for Visitors. Isn't that lovely? No matter how long (or how many generations) we've lived here, we're considered Visitors to our elected officials.

However, they decided a few months ago, that we visitors were talking too much, so they resurrected a rule that was supposedly already on the books. They told us if we wanted to say anything, we had to make a request - in writing, mind you - a week in advance. That is so preposterous!

But this week, they really got carried away with their boredom. Apparently, we talk too long. From now on, we visitors will be limited to only three minutes. There are rarely more than two visitors per meeting, so for a meeting that usually last at least two hours, the public gets six minutes. How generous of them! Oh, by the way, this rule was also supposedly already on the books.

This brilliant new policy was announced right before the two Visitors on the Agenda were scheduled to speak. The first speaker, Mrs Dunkley, made the remark that she wished she could limit their terms to three minutes. (Right on!) She had several concerns she wanted to bring before the Board that she had to rush through. Afterwards, she was furious and walked out. The second speaker, Mr Boxley, had prepared a very comprehensive report that he wished to discuss - the topic had previously been discussed by the Board. Somehow he was supposed to reduce it to three minutes - and he was cut off when that time expired.

The President of the Adams County Board of Supervisors wished to address the Board. However, I guess he was considered a visitor too. Since he had not requested in writing to be on the Agenda, there had to be a motion to suspend the rules to allow him to speak. He was also limited to three minutes. Is this not unbelievable? I can guarantee you that any member of the Board would have been more than welcome to speak before the Board of Supervisors for however long was necessary. However, I somehow doubt any of them would lower themselves to speak to our county government. I wonder how they would treat a representative of the state or federal government, from whom they are always begging for money.

You have to wonder if any of these yahoos are running for reelection. Do they really think no one is going to remember how the public has been treated? Their arrogance never ceases to amaze me.


Anonymous said...

You should submit this as a "Top of the Morning" article in the Democrat.

natchezcrabbe said...

Casey, I think it is time to look for a group of people to replace the board when their terms end. And printing this blocg as a top of the morning is a good idea. These guys must have a lot to hide if they won't entertain ideas or proposals from the citizens

scprideandms said...

Glad to see some things never change.....

Anonymous said...

I keep telling you guys...., A CHANGE MUST COME IN 2008.

This city has gone to Hell and there is no God present.

There is simply NO LEADERSHIP in place at this time.

Have you all ever heard is a crash landing? I advise you to buckle for it or grab a parachute and jump. Either way, we win.

2008...., I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

What will the ticket look like in '08?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what the ballot choices will be in 2008, but I am sure that everyone of these incompetent "nickumpoots" will have opposition. If not, it will say a lot about the City of Natchez. It will tell the world that we are satisfied with "elected misfits".

I am just appalled that more people in the community do not come out and voice their legitimate discontent about the things that happen. There are some things that we cannot be passive about.

I am still waiting on the candle light vigil before the evening board of aldermen meeting to show our solidarity and opposition to what is happening in city government.

There is a message when we stick together as a community.


P.S. - Some may leave before 2008 due to their unethical conduct. I know about some things that are happening at this time that is going to roll like thunder in this community.

Alderman West may have his day in court soon, but others will have their day later.

Anonymous said...

As far as the Democrat publishing anything like your blog, don't hold your breath! The paper is for advertising, not information-- or anything so high-minded as Journalism.

Best just to get out there and organize. Door to door, person to person. Then maybe when they see that change is really afoot, the right people-- those who now avoid politics-- might start to step forward. I'd love to hear people start putting forward some names of who those right people might be.

Selton Bourdin said...

I have an Idea. When the time comes lets limit their campain speeches to three minutes.

Anonymous said...

Aaaggggg! Enough of these politicians. Sadly, this situation is nothing new for Ntz. Only difference now is their actions are more visible and blatant.
As always, this is unacceptable!
Thanks for caring enough to speak out.