Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary More Than Meets Expectations

There was tremendous pressure on Hillary tonight, and she absolutely delivered. I've been a Hillary watcher for over 15 years, and that's the best speech she's ever given. Her goal was to convince her supporters to get behind Obama, and she gave them reasons that she knew would work best - the issues she knows they care about.

The media criticized her for not saying more about Obama personally, but that would not have worked. Her supporters are not going to be convinced to like Obama, but they can be convinced to vote for, and even work for, him to assure universal health coverage and other key issues she represented.

I've already seen the effect of Hillary's speech on the Mississippi Clinton delegation. Yesterday at their caucus, all the Clinton delegates indicated their intention to vote for Hillary on the first ballot. This morning when they actually had to cast their votes, about half voted for Obama.

On a personal note, I must admit that tears streamed from my eyes from the moment Chelsea appeared to introduce her mother until after Hillary left. I was very proud of Hillary's speech, but it was also very sad for me to let go of my dream of an ideal woman President - and I doubt there will be another in my lifetime.


Anonymous said...

If there is another woman candidate for President who actually makes it all the way she will have Hillary to thank. Women did not have the right to vote in this country until 1920 and this suppression and double standard is still very much alive today.
I thought the country was ready for a woman President, but evidently they are not.

Hillary has made great strides though and I think she will go down in history as doing so. That Obama did not even consider her as his running mate--I am not sure if I can forgive this.

Anonymous said...

Our country is not ready for a truly great leader, which is what Hillary is. They say they are ready for change but really they are afraid of change. If Hillary were President, she would have the brilliance, experience and courage to bring about real change. Sadly, that will not happen with the next President. Obama has proven he's abandoned the progressive agenda he pretended to have during the primaries. He's moving center in order to try to win this election. His first four years of office would be the same. At least McCain will be an improvement from the last 8 years but certainly not change. No. Don't expect progress or change this time around. Our only hope is if Hillary does run again. Maybe after another few years of the things getting worse and worse, the American people will be ready for a great leader.

Curley said...

She can run again in four years, and Obama will be the John Kerry of her convention.