Monday, August 25, 2008

Update on the Hillary Factor

Gloria Williams, Chair of the Mississippi Clinton Delegation, met with other Hillary state chairs this afternoon.

The message from Hillary was simple. She is supporting Obama completely and is releasing her delegates. She is not asking her delegates to vote for her - or for Obama. She says it is a matter of personal decision for each delegate.

Gloria will meet with the Mississippi Clinton delegates tomorrow morning after the Mississippi delegation caucus, and we'll see then how many Clinton delegates will vote for Obama on the first ballot.

Gloria said she planned to vote for Clinton on the first ballot, because that's what she was elected to do. After that, she will enthusiastically support Obama.

After picking up that tidbit, I'm now leaving the Pepsi Center so Dianne can come take my place.

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Anonymous said...

I think this convention will have to be superb in order to sway Hillary supporters. So far I do not think that has happened. I've heard some say they have lost faith in the Democratic Party and are becoming independents.

We know many Hillary supporters see Obama as a part of a movement that is not favorable to women and therefore cannot support him, for to do so would only strengthen this movement.

What are Hillary supporters there saying?