Monday, August 25, 2008

Off We Go to the Convention

After breakfast Dianne and I made our trek to downtown Denver, using our knowledge of public transportation learned the day before. Then came the next stage of our education – getting to the Pepsi Center, where the Convention is being held. We knew we had to walk, but no one knew how. We just kept asking for directions. The problem was there are many different ways to get there, but all but one had been blocked off. We kept walking down blocks only to be turned away. Finally, we came to a gate, where we showed our credentials and got in. We thought we were finally there. No!

From that gate, we were directed all the way around (a long way!) to the big security clearance. It was just like airport security, except we got to keep our shoes on, and the personnel seemed better trained. We were early so it moved quickly.

We had two credentials – one for the floor of the Convention and one for the Perimeter. The problem was that no one could tell us where the Perimeter was. We decided to keep going until someone kicked us out. That happened when we entered the media entrance of the building, where we ran into the only rude person in the whole place. So we split up. I went into the Convention, and Dianne went to enjoy downtown Denver.

When I first walked into the arena, it was awesome! I think the significance of what was happening really hit me. I was able to walk all around the floor and see how it was layed out. It’s a hockey arena in real life. The really important delegations are on the floor. What was interesting was that Delaware was moved from the nosebleed section down to the front next to Illinois. (Wonder why?) Mississippi is to the far left, looking at the stage, on the front row. Our delegation is seated right next to the Mississippi sign, because that’s where the electricity and internet is located. Kentucky, Puerto Rico, and Oregon are behind us. Hawaii, Wyoming and Alabama are beside us. Now you should be able to find us on TV.

Since nothing had started yet, I decided to sit in our official seat and post an update to our activites. However, I had no internet. So I went in search of help. I discovered that there seems to be a "need to know" mentality here. People, are very friendly, but only seem to know their particular areas of responsibility. But I ran into someone who seemed to be a "fixer". Her name is Bev, and her real responsibility is to maintain the cable wires in the Convention area. She disappeared and sure enough, came back with the name of the person who could help me. As I was wandering the arena, I found the Bloggers Lounge. That was exciting, as I could put a face on some names I've come to know.

So now I have internet access and electricity, and I'm ready to go!

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Anonymous said...

Casey, I was just in Denver a couple of weeks ago and went by the Pepsi Center so I know exactly where you are. Downtown Denver is a trip--lots of characters--and I can imagine this week.

Why am I not buying this convention? Why does it seem so orchestrated, so homogenized, not real? Is there anything real anymore in politics? Have politics become so manufactured that we will never see true heart, grit, and real emotion ever again?

I am not buying Michelle's speech, sorry. I know I should be crying about now with emotion and yes this is an academy award performance, no doubt, but I am not moved in any way--this is sad.