Friday, August 22, 2008

Meet Angela Cockerham: Obama Delegate to DNC08

The Democratic Convention starts Monday in Denver. I've put together a list of all the Mississippi Delegates with pictures and basic information. A link to this list is in the column to the right under Convention Links, along with other interesting sites - including where to see all the videos I'll be making.

A few days ago, I introduced you to Clinton Delegate Kelly Jacobs. Today I want you to meet an Obama delegate.

I first met Angela Cockerham when she ran for a seat in the Mississippi House of Representatives. Her district (96) includes portions of Adams, Amite, and Pike counties and all of Wilkinson county, so she was in our area campaigning. I was immediately impressed with this young lady and was thrilled when she won.

Most of you know that I work part time for our public library. We produce a series of posters featuring local celebrities encouraging children to read. I immediately asked her to be on one, because I knew she would make a good role model for children. She has a library card and visits the Library regularly. That says a lot to me. Later I found out that reading is her favorite hobby. She says, "While most people go fishing or to the spa to relax, I go to the library". She even writes poetry - although I haven't been able to get a sample yet. She is definitely my kind of person!

Her values undoubtedly came from her close knit family in Magnolia, Mississippi. Her parents, Oscar and Grace Cockerham, required their family to always eat dinner together. Her interest in politics started with the spirited and lively discussions around their dinner table. The topics were usually current events - national, state, and local. Everybody had different opinions and was encouraged to speak up. She said, "I truly understood that everyone’s not going to agree with you all the time, even family, but you love them regardless." That's a good lesson to learn for a future in politics.

In 2006, the Hotline, the National Journal's Briefing on Politics, picked their future political stars in Mississippi. Angela made that list, and here's what they said about her:

State Rep. Angela Cockerham (D): In her late 20s and "very articulate," she just won a special election. "You can look for a bright future for her." Cockerham is "a bright spot, and intellectually a step up over her predecessor."

In addition to being a legislator, Angela is a partner in the law firm of Dowdy & Cockerham in Magnolia. Wayne Dowdy was the Chair of the State Democratic Party, so she's in good company.

Angela just returned from a very exciting trip to South Africa. Here's what she had to say:

"Every place I visited, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, one of the hottest topics of discussion was our presidential elections. Imagine how proud I was to say that I would be attending the convention as a Mississippi delegate and that I was supporting Senator Obama. Needless to say, most people that I spoke with in South Africa were Senator Obama supporters also!"

She is thrilled to be going to the Convention. She's leaving Sunday, although she admits she hasn't yet packed a thing. She remembers watching Senator Obama speak at the last Convention, and she's been a fan ever since. This will be a very special experience for her.

I think I picked two very exceptional delegates to profile for you before the Convention. I'll be keeping you up to date on their activities - and those of all the other Mississippi Delegates. Stay tuned!

PS If you missed it, the Natchez Democrat did a story on our upcoming trip to Denver.

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