Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Roll Call Vote

I found out this morning that the roll call vote would be at 3 pm today. We had assumed it would be during prime time. So I just rushed (to the extent possible with our transportation challenges) over here after the morning caucuses. I think the early hour is an attempt by the Obama campaign to downplay the vote, which I personally think is a mistake. People love to watch the roll call of the states.

Delores Huerta of California made the nomination for Hillary. Most delegates are not here, including all the Hillary delegates who were meeting with Hillary herself. The New York delegation is practically empty. Of course, like all these early events, no one is listening. Everyone is roaming around talking. A young boy from Utah is seconding the nomination. Then Denise Harris of New York also seconded. They seemed to all be from regular people. The speeches were brief and only took about 15 minutes.

Michael Wilson, an Iraq veteran, is now nominating Obama. He's getting a much better response. Next up is Colorado Senator Ken Salazar. Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz of Florida and the Florida Clinton Chair is the next seconder. Next is Representative Artur Davis of Alabama - with a rousing response from the Alabama right next to us.

Alabama casts 48 for Obama and 5 for Clinton. Alaska 15 to 3. American Samoa 9-0. Arizona 40 - 27. Arkansas 47 - 0. California passes. Colorado 55 - 15. Connecticut - 38-21 ? Delaware 23 - o. Democrats Abroad 8.5 - 2.5. DC 33-7. Florida 136-51-1 abstention. Georgia 82-18. Guam 4-3. Hawaii 26 - 1. Idaho 20 -3. Illinois pass. Indiana 75-6. Iowa 48-9. Kansas 34-6. Kentucky 36-24. Louisiana 43-7. Maine 24-8. Maryland - here I lost track in the commotion in the Mississippi delegation getting ready for their moment in the sun.

Right after the roll call started, there was a huge fracas going on in the Mississippi delegation, because they'd been told they would not get to announce their votes. They were furious and started complaining loudly. Other states must have done the same, because the initial plan was changed. The yielding did not start early but instead the roll call went on to New Mexico.

I have posted video of Mississippi casting their vote and their reaction to finale.

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