Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Media Coverage

When we went to the Blogger party that the DNC gave, I was interviewed by M S Bellows from Huffington Post. I don't think it made it into an article, but I did find a clip of it on YouTube.

I've also been told that CNN ran one of our video clips of a Clinton caucus meeting and gave credit to our blog.

It's interesting that both of these deal with Hillary. I think the media really wanted some kind of Clinton/Obama drama - and were disappointed when it did not really appear.

I just found another story about the roll call vote.

Before we left, the Natchez Democrat ran an article about us.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Dianne, How great. I love hearing from you folks, really proud of you. Rev Bev

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a report on Obama's speech and the final night? That was the big highlight of the convention!

Casey Ann said...

Right after the last night we had to pack and start home, along with thousands of other people. Once we recover, there will be a report.